Thursday, November 14, 2013

Some Say Get Over It, But There You Are, Surrounding It

  • No one has yet claimed the three free tickets for Bonnie Prince Billy a week from tonight at Rams Head. If you're in DC/Baltimore area, even if you can't or don't want to go, if you have friends who are Will Oldham fans ask them if they want them. They are very good seats, not to close to stage, not too far from stage, would be a shame for them to go to waste. Will bump again next week if no one claims in meantime, not going to bang this daily.
  • Glad you're waking up to this.
  • Caught myself: last night had cheap easy snarky link to clusterfuck, this morning purged the motherfucker. 
  • UPDATE! Fiasco by design. What I was going to snark: the theory that the Obamacare clusterfuck was designed for maximum clusterfuck to undermine the principle that power has an obligation for the well-being of its subjects. So yes, same old song.
  • From the Guardian's football rumor column: Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a target for Chelsea and Manchester City but might turn down both to go and play in the MLS, because. Meanwhile Clint Dempsey might be on his way back from America, with Tottenham, Everton and Aston Villa all eyeing the Seattle Sounders forward. Tottenham have first refusal. Dempsey for Ibrahimovic does not seem like a fair trade. Hummina, no, but DC United have first draw - in theory, this is motherfucking MLS after all, if Ibrahimovic wants to come to MLS (and he doesn't want to come to MLS) he will tell MLS where he will play.
  • Like I need a reason to hate Arsenal.
  • Every bit of this friendly inconsequence is meant merely to preface his intention for writing at all.
  • Insomnia, Lacan, Beckett.
  • Today's edition of Good Thing I Have Access to a University Library's Stacks.
  • What this blog would look like right now if its Apply to Template button worked.
  • UPDATE! Isn't everyone here a phony?
  • Does it matter if a poem that seems autobiographical is actually fiction?
  • What is a poet?
  • Britten's Curlew River, plus other great stuff.
  • Cornelius Cardew's piano music.
  • Lots of Ramones, including previously unheard interview.
  • Listened to Ghédalia Tazartès last night, the album Transports, can't find any on youtube, have these instead.


Brenda Hillman

      There was a crack
    in ecstasy; it split the oak
with flameless fire.
A raptor left good bones
in the divided tree (the spine?
  of a mouse?) & then flew off
     for a muffled sanctuary . . .

Some say get
     over it
, but there you are,
surrounding it. Slant sun
     shines in. Bring it along,
bone-reader, bring the banquet.


  1. Yikes. That Arsenal kit is way fugly. Too bad I have so many of the fuckers on my Prem fantasy team (I won't take Chelski or ManU players--spiritual purity in fantasy footy is stupid but dear to my heart).

    1. Grab Southampton's Adam Lallana if you can, though he's probably long gone.

  2. That is really stunningly fugly.

  3. Ok, if I go to the site that is presumably what this site would look like if you could figure out how to configure it and click on the link that says what that site would look like if you could figure out how to configure it do I go to a third site and from there to a fourth and then into an infinite regression of sites that look like what those sites would look like if you could only figure out how to configure them?

    I believe it scans as well. Yes.

    Bad lighting re Gunners. And mere speculation. That is all.

    1. Don't give him ideas.

      That one is kept against next summer's domain name renewal ordeal and for the two people who read there because the white on green background gives them headaches. OH! and because it's fun to fuck around with the buttons there that don't work here.

      That website is usually reliable on its kit leaks. And Arsenal has worn gold before, and its current road kit is a very gruesome bright yellow shirt now anyway.

  4. Now all you need to do is hack an algorithm that changes exactly one element of the site, creates a blogspot or wordpress or whatever site, automatically publishes the slightly changed version, and soon the proliferation will conquer teh internets. You will be Emperor of Cyberspace.

    As if you weren't already. Heh!