Wednesday, December 4, 2013

[Anyway, There Was a Zebra]

Anyway, there was a zebra.
Better not ride him, Yesterday
cried, zebras aren't horses though x-rays
deceive. In the mystery of wombs
either/ors are required, vice
fallow but fat as usual.

Given the horse/zebra tension
(handsomely profitable), should
icicles v receptacles
(juicy with melted ice-cubes) queue
killer ratings, predictably
lurid, why curse the orderly

mundane? Always either. Never
neither. Either/or in mundane

order tripping ahead lamely,
petulant as a tailless kite.
Quota's are always thus justified:
raccoons aren't possums. The idea

search's objects must be hiding
teaches nothing can be found, grounds
usually thought a felony
veering too close to earnestness.

When eating either/or's dogma
X is never never, I call
Y who's yelling Z, bellowing
zebra! There was one anyway.

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