Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Big Melt: Anything Gone Is Replaced

No, I don't want to explain why Karkowski works on me - to me much less you - since someone asked. Maybe I'll elaborate more someday, if only to me, but I'm happy enough putting on the headphones and being melted by the music and not worrying why it works after I reemerge. Lordy, it works.


Keith Waldrop

seventy wingbeats
per second
vagaries of vegetation, rosy
anticipation I
turn the page without
essence of
what is the strongest
motive what
drives the solar wind
time’s not so
old, dating only
from the creation
New England has
cooled significantly, icy
core with a sooty coating
this ice
hard to break—the brain
will have to wait
catharsis of the
vulture, obligatory
a bat, painted the
color of joy, head
downward because
the brain is
heavy I put on
music but don’t always
whether magma could
rise to where tones reach
audible frequencies
modest success with a late
parasitic moth we will soon
find out if all this
is true
sudden drain on the
heart, more
doubt, the big
melt: anything
gone is