Friday, December 20, 2013

The Secret of This Journey Is to Let the Wind Blow Its Dust All Over Your Body, to Let It Go on Blowing, to Step Lightly, Lightly All the Way Through Your Ruins, and Not to Lose Any Sleep Over the Dead, Who Surely Will Bury Their Own, Don't Worry

Yo La Tengo offers a holiday present. Download the whole show here.

Yo La Tengo would be in the inner orbit of bands rotating through the two non-permanent spots of My Sillyass Deserted Island Five Game even if they weren't Kind folk.

So you're going to do a Yo La Tengo cascade tomorrow, K said at what we hope is the penultimate but is probably the last Thursday Night Pints of 2013 after I said Holyfuck! at a tweet that offered the above. Yup, I said. Giftmas shit was all over the bar, crappy Giftmas rock played every other song on the muzack, not a single unexpected song in the playlist. Nothing, said L, reminds me more I hate Bruce Springsteen than his fucking Christmas song. True that, I said, getting up to buy a pint for me and two squat tumblers filled to the sixteenth with ridiculously priced amber Nyquil for my friends. At the bar, waiting, I looked at the empty fourth chair at the table that used to be filled by D, when I got back K and L were talking about D, how the next time the three of us see each other we're more likely to be wearing Show Respect Clothes than drinking in a Georgetown bar. Well, fuck, I said, sitting down. Peace, D, said L. Clink.

  • Harder not faster. 
  • No one in Yo La Tengo is going to read this shitty blog, but just in case, Thanks! for your generosity with your music.
  • I fail a hundred times for every time I succeed so who am I to harangue, but be Kind, motherfuckers, it's not as much work or mandatory shit-swilling as legend suggests.
  • Barring KABOOM! music & poems alone this weekend (if anything, besides possible template watershedding).
  • A friend has gone into my coding and says she thinks I can now change templates even if I still can't change anything on the template currently used. It'd be a throw the switch see what happens moment. She says she doesn't know whether the Apply to Template button which doesn't work now on my current template will work if I change templates, meaning if I change template and can't alter its appearance I not only will never get back to this green again, I will be stuck with whatever defaults the template I move to, and all subsequent templates, default to.
  • What to do, what to do? Tune in Saturday to see either change or not, and everyday! though if I do it it will be this weekend, unless it's next Wednesday, or...
  • Never mind, I'm not going to throw the switch, who am I kidding, fine metaphors abound.
  • A reminder for regulars, perhaps news to newbies, a dark type on light background version of this shitty blog exists here, it was created during a domain name/Blooger crisis this past summer, now used as back-up for the upcoming Blooger crises, whenever, whatever.
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  • Please let me know if you are Kinding me and me not you.
  • Thanks for reading. 


James Wright

Anghiari is medieval, a sleeve sloping down   
A steep hill, suddenly sweeping out
To the edge of a cliff, and dwindling.
But far up the mountain, behind the town,   
We too were swept out, out by the wind,   
Alone with the Tuscan grass.

Wind had been blowing across the hills
For days, and everything now was graying gold   
With dust, everything we saw, even
Some small children scampering along a road,   
Twittering Italian to a small caged bird.   
We sat beside them to rest in some brushwood,   
And I leaned down to rinse the dust from my face.

I found the spider web there, whose hinges   
Reeled heavily and crazily with the dust,
Whole mounds and cemeteries of it, sagging   
And scattering shadows among shells and wings.   
And then she stepped into the center of air   
Slender and fastidious, the golden hair
Of daylight along her shoulders, she poised there,   
While ruins crumbled on every side of her.   
Free of the dust, as though a moment before   
She had stepped inside the earth, to bathe herself.

I gazed, close to her, till at last she stepped   
Away in her own good time.

Many men
Have searched all over Tuscany and never found   
What I found there, the heart of the light   
Itself shelled and leaved, balancing   
On filaments themselves falling. The secret
Of this journey is to let the wind   
Blow its dust all over your body,
To let it go on blowing, to step lightly, lightly
All the way through your ruins, and not to lose
Any sleep over the dead, who surely   
Will bury their own, don’t worry.


  1. There for a moment, I felt my teeth grinding as you threatened—yes, threatened—to throw the switch on a new template. It was like a chill had entered my room and got me in its icy grip. Brrrrrrrr!!11!!

    Always yes to YLT! Yes. And no 8 nights of Hanukkah at Maxwells this year.

    Sorry about your friend D.

  2. Crappy Chrsitmas rock songs? Bad Religion just released a whole album of them!

    I love YLT. Seen them twice, once in a basement club whit WHY? opening opening at which I got heroically drunk, and once at a Storytellers type show in the galleria at the top of Discover World, with 360 degree views of Milwaukee and Lake Michigan; at which they answered (with amusement) a question from a smart-ass zombie.