Sunday, January 26, 2014

[I Am Tablet-Blocked and My Pens Can Ink but Cannot Write]

I am tablet-blocked. My pens can ink but can't write.
I tried composing a poem in Word. Why I am tablet-blocked
and my pens ink but can't write is another poem.

I learned to not to compose in Word and cut/paste to Blogger.
Cut/pasting Word into Blogger fucks up the poem's
display. Line breaks are lost, stanzas collapse then reform

into (sometimes better poetry - which I can't use by the same
moral self-strictures that've tablet-blocked me, made my pens
ink but not write, though particulars vary) deformed

blocks and jagged single lines. The HTML coding is forty times
longer than the poem before the poem starts. Each line of the poem
has five times as much coding as line. If I remove one <br/ >

to delete a line or add one  <div /> to separate stanzas
Blogger's pink banner of Fuck You, You Idiot!
mocks me when I try to save the clusterfuck. But typing

versus calligraphy as salve? Workaround? Unfaithfulness?
Salvation? When I'm tablet-blocked and my pens can ink
but I can't write? Is working. I'm happier with what's typed

the past few months than what was scribbled in tablet the three
months preceding (though I know how much I adore
redefining old rules: it's how I invigorate my product line).

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