Saturday, January 4, 2014

My Loop of Stupid

I am a cultist. I want a club to belong to and own part of like this. Quitting membership in clubs I once loved doesn't mean I'm not jonesing for new clubs to love. Abandoning a shitty club doesn't change my quest for clubs to love everywhere, all the time. I know all clubs will fail me, which is on me, part of the design. This applies to soccer too.


  1. speaking of being part of a more inclusive social grouping, if not a "club" per se, i am seriously considering going to the ceremonial opening the new gaithersburg regional library this morning - county executive ike leggett will be there for the ribbon cutting

    1. did go - speeches, free food, "substance of we feeling", high school band - multi-ethnic main street montgomery county at its finest

  2. Been to a game at FC Union Berlin when I was there. It was before they built their new stadium but was still amazing. Would definitely recommend it if you ever go. They play in a beautiful part of town too.