Sunday, January 19, 2014

[On the Road in Bad Weather Conditions]

On the road, in bad weather conditions,
team behind, a young quarterback panics
mouths the washed-up running-back
on the ESPN deaf scroll. I'm Martian in these places.
I have friends but I don't know citizens,
this woman telling strangers
about her husband, two lovers, six
kids. Guys suck she tells a table of guys.
There is truth in loathing benefactors'
questionable motives. Why should
we help the help, though if that's
the max consider the pits. Which
is to say I wouldn't be eating
the best pizza of my life
at dark dingy wainscotted Shamrocks
on Wisconsin 35, Superior,Wisconsin,
but for the recommendation
by the minimum-waged desk clerk
with meth-addict's acne
of the Duluth Minnesota Holiday Inn.

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