Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Sometimes What Looks Like Disaster *Is* Disaster

(A) I feel asleep listening to and woke up with Bardo Pond in my head and (B) call that today's theme song and (C) I wanted that bingo thing off the top of the blog and (D) I spent part of yesterday's snow day watching Star Trek Next Generation, I was reminded that for every brilliant episode (Darmok) there are two ridiculously stupid ones (for instance: Picard, Ro, Whoopy, O'Brien's wife turned into children - though there is a scene in the episode which pays homage to the original Star Trek when Kirk teaches mobster henchmen how to play Fizzbin, or the one where Worf and child play spaghetti western) and five boringly mediocre episodes, the stand-alones, not in a story arc, the Geordi episode, the Ryker episode, the Data episode, the Troi episode, the Crusher episode and (E) when I did read yesterday if wasn't online so no links today and (F) fuck it and fuck this and (G) the uncanny phenomenon of a Jane Kenyon poem complimenting (H) Bardo Pond:


Jane Kenyon

A fly wounds the water but the wound   
soon heals. Swallows tilt and twitter   
overhead, dropping now and then toward   
the outward-radiating evidence of food.

The green haze on the trees changes   
into leaves, and what looks like smoke   
floating over the neighbor’s barn   
is only apple blossoms.

But sometimes what looks like disaster   
is disaster: the day comes at last,
and the men struggle with the casket   
just clearing the pews.