Monday, February 24, 2014

Clapping 123123

Re-posting as fresh Monday morning last night's post (with links and poem added):

Sunday evening is the stupidest time to post and certainly the worst time to beg (I've heard Sunday night is the biggest stupidass soap opera night on TV), but WFMU has just started it's marathon and I need you give them money for me. I can't imagine not having this resource - I - I'll try not to badger the fuck out of you. I also need you give them money for you; you either know why and would be an ingrate not to give or you need find out why and not be an ingrate once you do.

Pledge to the WFMU Marathon!

All four songs in this post were culled from four different shows from the past week (Storck, Bethany, Berger, Davidson). No, I couldn't wait till morning, a chance to be a slut for more than just me? I will post these songs again in the morning as a fresh post (with the template below filled in, a new title - a line stolen from a poem - and this section rewritten) unless someone comments, in which case I'll find four more songs from four different shows. Hint.

Added Monday morning: No one took the hint. No one read the post Sunday night.


Lucy Ives

first garden


second garden

Bees go mad on late summer evenings, should
People stray from their jobs towards water


third garden

Who makes the rented red boat's
Oars turn

Who is the younger one always
Turning up

Who professes to be better because
He is just looking

Who says he is worse off as
He cannot look


fourth garden

The unicycle girl, thin
Like one with a sexual problem,
Goes through
The Schlosspark. This follows:
Father rolling his eyes


fifth garden

The man from Manchester
Has my breast in his hand

These are funny
They don't do anything do they

Being burnt by a fire I say


sixth garden

Similarly, if only
You grasped some
Titanic misery or a
Love like an old man's


seventh garden

Where were we

A ballroom competition goes on
A yellow satin bikini
A fuchsia floor-length are
Dancing; an audience is
Drinking, clapping 1 2 3 1 2 3



  1. No one read the post Sunday night. - sorry, too busy watching downton abbey - also will be occupied tonight with nbc's singing contest

  2. Re, Amazon:

    There was a piece in the last New Yorker on this topic, as well. Granted, it was mostly focused on the company's destructive effect on the book publishing industry as a whole, but it also acknowledged the issue of its labor practices and treatment of workers.

    Me? I only use their site parasitically. Rather than buying directly, I use the the flanking "Buy New/Used" links to steer my purchases to an independent seller. One can do the same by going through Abe Books (which, I believe, links to the same sellers as Amazon). And there's also Powell's, et al. So it's not like there's a lack of alternatives.

    1. Daphne, Alabama? Learn your evacuation routes!

      Yeah, it takes a lot longer for delivery, but I've started using publisher first if possible (and with poetry and small presses it's very possible) and Politics and Prose, a locally owned bookstore, buying there if novel is in stock, ordering through them otherwise. I like giving them the business. Luckily I never took to reading on a Kindle so Amazon can't hold me hostage there.

  3. Truly, I only criticize you so that you'll know how I am. To wit:

    -"Hording" would involve books mounting riding animals and coursing through your living room, raping, pillaging, and burning, in the order of their choice. However, as anyone who has seen my living room will attest, hoarding books makes that possible.

    Fucking English major.

    -Yeah, I'm pretty sure that Seatsix will back my assertion that Leidos are, in fact, fucking fucks. Unless that's where he works now.

    -Here's what's creepy as fuck: thinking about what archaeologists discovered about the late 70s when excavating for the fakey town centers at Clarksburg, King Farm, Kentlands, Watkins Mill, Crown/Belward/West Muddy Branch/Fields Road, and Inner Deutschville. Praise Ba'al that DNA evidence of bad behavior deteriorates over time.

    1. And from the Goff piece: "Leidos (pronounced LIE-dos)"...

      Not like you need me or Six to confirm anything for you there.

  4. I think I did read this last night. I only remember because I watched the youtube video of Rachel Ries which was lovely.