Tuesday, February 25, 2014

With a Yo-Ho-Ho and a Ya-Ha-Ha and a Ye-Hee-Hee-Ho-Hum, with a Yo-Ho-Ho and a Ya-Ha-Ha and a Yum-Yum-Jum-Jum-Jum, or: Born Seventy-One Years Ago, Sixty-Five Today

George was born seventy-one years ago. I never need listen to The Beatles again, so often did I hear them I can play any song in my head any time I want and often when I don't, but I still love George, I've always loved George, I've always loved George best, people can vouch. Love love love.

High Egoslavian Holy Day. It's also this guy's birthday, he's sixty-five today:

His shoes cost more than your house. Here, the best George Traveling Wilburys song which is simultaneously the best Traveling Wilburys song. That I like a band with Bob Dylan and Tom Petty and the unfortunately named for me Jeff Lynne is testament to my love love love for George.

Here, the full album, quite possibly the second most listened-to album of my life.

No links today, probably tomorrow, though Prunella tells me John Doe is 60 today, gives me songs.

Also too, per Egoslavian tradition, The Pirate Song.


  1. 1) i agree - this is the best wilburys song

    2) what is the first most-listened-to album for you?

    1. Kate Bush's *Hounds of Love.* Especially the song sequence of Side Two.

    2. the vinyl that hit my turntable* most was todd rundgren's** healing, especially the twenty minute sequence of guided meditation, healing parts i-iii - although the music adds a great deal, the words are as follows

      Healing - Part One

      Listen, listen
      Listen to the voice,
      the voice is an illusion
      Listen to the voice,
      don't let the words confuse you
      'Cause you need something to concentrate on,
      concentrate on me
      You need something to meditate on,
      meditate on me

      Listen, listen
      Listen to your heart
      tune into the rhythm
      Listen to your heart
      beating with precision
      Like the waves upon the seaside,
      it goes on and on
      Like the spinning of the world,
      it goes on and on

      Listen, listen
      Listen for the sound
      that is not in the music
      Only you can hear it,
      only you can use it
      It's the sound of someone breathing,
      it's the breath of life
      It's the sound that you are weaving
      with the thread of life

      Listen, listen
      Listen to the sound,
      let nothing disturb you
      You are in a place
      where nothing can hurt you
      If you feel a strange sensation,
      it can do no harm
      Like the spiral of creation,
      it will soon move on

      Healing - Part Two

      Where you are going
      you cannot take your body
      You are on a journey,
      the baggage is too heavy

      You can leave your legs behind you,
      you will learn to fly
      You can leave your arms behind you,
      you will touch the sky
      You can leave your head behind you,
      you are thought itself
      You can leave the rest behind you,
      you are breath itself

      Now you are naked,
      there's no one here to judge you
      See the clear light
      shining high above you
      Then you're floating in the silence,
      you are not alone
      For the power of your being
      keeps you flowing on
      Look upon yourself
      only with compassion
      Strip away the shell
      hiding your perfection
      Though your past was full of darkness,
      now the past is gone
      And your life is starting over
      when it's just begun

      Now you are whole,
      don't you recognize it
      Towering eternal
      behind the troubled thoughts that hide it
      Though at times it seems so distant,
      it is always there
      When you need its peace and power,
      you will know it's here

      Healing - Part Three

      Listen, listen
      Listen to the cry
      of a world that's calling to you
      Listen to the cry
      of the helpless souls that need you
      Though you may have trepidation
      you can not refuse
      You will find your own salvation
      in the path you choose

      Listen, listen
      Listen to the voice
      that whispers in the silence
      Listen as the voice
      solidifies your self reliance
      Let the peace that you've discovered
      be a guiding light
      Let the cry that you've uncovered
      set the world aright

      You could not be closer to your maker
      never more or less alone
      If you know thyself
      there's nothing else to know
      You are whole

      *i still have my vinyl collection, but haven't had a turntable working since 1991 - in a couple of years i may commemorate the quarter century by getting a new one, deo volente

      **whose most played song is 'bang the drum all day' - but when todd tours with ringo's all-starr band he also performs the song he wrote that was a hit for england dan and john ford coley, 'love is the answer'