Sunday, March 16, 2014

Is Door to the Forum, Is Cutter of Keys

  • Was reminded by Storck an hour ago of Loud Animal Group.
  • Capitalism's growing problem with anxiety: Consider the panic of losing a mobile phone, of having no access at all to the internet, to one’s games, movies, photos, or common nodes of social interaction that we call our friends or followers. A power-cut, a burglary… would it be wrong to call them addictions? Yet we have neither selected this basis of social organisation, nor should we guiltily consider ourselves lucky first-worlders gorging gluttonously on the backs of the deprived billions. Whilst digitised technologies have abstracted and placed many cultural forms on a single homogeneous platform, personal technologies have the worker connected and potentially labouring at all hours in ways that operate, at minute level, the exchanges and processes that neoliberal capitalism requires to function. Against such a backdrop, our politicians, the public face of neoliberal capitalism, cajole us through fear and envy to keep up our duty as citizens: spend, borrow, buy, 24/7, 365 days a year, be it Christmas, Valentine’s or whatever, one must never shirk in one’s duty to service the economy.
  • The zombification of the West.
  • Privatizing science.

  • The only two Louder Animal Group songs I could find. 
  • We just put Planet on an airplane. Egoslavia's Holiest Day is five days away. See tag Planet Poems.
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  • There are new additions to the blogrolls, please check them out as they float to the top. Recommendations for new things for me to read solicited. Later today those blogs that haven't updated in three months will be moved to Moribund. No one will be purged except those blogs that suicided. If you are Kinding me and me not you please let me know.
  • Brad's serialized short story, part the last.
  • riverrun.
  • Beckett, for those of you who do.
  • Creeley, for those of you who do.
  • Chris M just reminded me of Current 93.


Marie Ponsot

(for my daughter)

Composed in a shine of laughing, Monique brings in sacks
of groceries, unloads them, straightens, and stretches her back.

The child was a girl, the girl is a woman; the shift   
is subtle and absolute, worn like a gift.

The woman, once girl once child, now is deft in her ease,   
is door to the forum, is cutter of keys.

In space that her torque and lift have prefigured and set free   
between her mother and her child the woman stands   
having emptied her hands.


  1. In regards to your previous post I think you'll enjoy watching DS9 on your second attempt. I watched the first half of the first season back in '93, gave up on it, but restarted with the second season earlier this year. I'm almost done with season four now and enjoying it immensely.

    1. Thanks. I've just watched the fourth episode overall, the first Kira episode. I'm reminded that it does take two/three seasons of these episodes to develop the individual characters of the troupe before the troupe can be a troupe.