Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The River Deepens When It Gets Down to the Sea the River Deepens

RIP Robert Ashley.

Biblioklept (who tweeted the news) has some pieces up at his joint.

In memory of Robert Ashley.

Ashley's Ubuweb page with LOTS of sound.

Imperfect news but Art in All Directions.

I've posted some but never tagged him, my apologies, the tag below will only take you here, I'll try and find earlier posts for tomorrow. Sorry also for the goofy youtube below, I wanted this piece and this is all I could find. Lots more tomorrow.





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  1. Sorry, late catching up on blog life. Thanks for the link a couple posts back.

    Okay, shooting for pun of the week:

    Crimea river?
    Putin on the Ritz?