Saturday, April 12, 2014

Macy's Hickory Farms Circuit City GNC Payless ShoeSource

As is becoming tradition for Futile Weekend Blogging I post music I heard on Bryce's Friday midday show, my favorite three hours of music a week. I went looking for Gelbart, the first musician he played yesterday, I couldn't find the song he played but found the above first, my beloveds both know it had to be posted and how hard it was not to post it last night.

I signed a contract yesterday with Montgomery County Animal Services that I will keep Napoleon quarantined in a bedroom until October 11th. They will make random visits to our house six times between now and then and if Napoleon is not in the bedroom we can be fined up to $500 per incident and they reserve the right to take the cat at any time if they deem him potentially rabid. They recommend that we wear vinyl gloves when we touch him or his water and food bowls, and we are never to wash bowls in the dishwasher and are strongly recommended to use plastic bowls and throw each away (with a hand in a vinyl glove) after one use.

I made contact yesterday with Montgomery County Health Services (I had been told to talk to Animal Control first so I could ask Health Services questions raised by Animal Control that Animal Control couldn't answer). Since Earthgirl and I have been in contact with Napoleon (he's licked both our hands up through Friday morning) there is an immediate observation period of ten days. Should we not make contact with him except through vinyl gloves over the next ten days and he displays no signs of illness of any sort then we were not infected by contact up through today.

Both Animal Services and Health Services discouraged us as much as they could while maintaining no legal liability of bad advice to NOT get rabies vaccines if and until Napoleon displays signs of illness. The odds of needing the shots are incredibly small, the possible side-effects a much greater risk than odds we'd need the shots, the shots incredibly expensive (as in thousands for the two of us), and most insurance companies will not cover the costs. I tried calling my insurance company, but after twenty minutes on hold the muzak started playing a Billy Joel song, and I'd rather pay thousands for a rabies shot than listen to Billy Joel.

  • Napoleon seems content. Our major concern isn't rabies, our major concern is he isn't miserable in a small bedroom for six months. Should he get sick we don't have a moral decision to make. Should he get desperately miserable, well....
  • Condoleeza Rice and DropBox. Forgive me if I can't summon the outrage.
  • On the above.
  • Contemptmanship.
  • A disgusting morbidity.
  • Purple Line.
  • MOCO schools are segregating. (A loved one responds in comments.)
  • Tomorrow we Kensington to Frederick to Hagerstown to Hancock to Cumberland to Morgantown to Washington to Wheeling to Zanesville to Gambier. I have time today to disc at Seneca on the first truly gorgeous weekend Spring day of the year or go to DCU game tonight. Disc at Seneca on the first truly gorgeous weekend Spring day of the year wins.
  • Bulb Heck to me.
  • Auden and campiness.
  • James Merrill. I've said this before: he never really sang to me, but he used to sing to a lot of people, was for a time in the debate about the greats, and seems to have fallen almost completely out of remembrance.
  • Josephine Miles' The Sympathizers.
  • These are the four Gelbart youtubes I can find. Like lots. Would not be allowed to listen tomorrow when we Kensington to Frederick to Hagerstown to Hancock to Cumberland to Morgantown to Washington to Wheeling to Zanesville to Gambier even if I had any on my iPod.


Robert Fitterman

Macy’s                               Hickory Farms
Circuit City                         GNC
Payless ShoeSource                   The Body Shop
Sears                                Eddie Bauer
Kay Jewelers                         Payless ShoeSource
GNC                                  Circuit City
LensCrafters                         Kay Jewelers
Coach                                Gymboree
Gymboree                             The Body Shop
                                     Hickory Farms
The Body Shop                        Macy's
Eddie Bauer                          GNC
Crabtree & Evelyn                    Circuit City
Gymboree                             Sears
Foot Locker
Land's End
GNC                                  H&M
LensCrafters                         Kay Jewelers
Coach                                Land's End
Famous Footwear                      LensCrafters
H&M                                  Eddie Bauer
Foot Locker                          RadioShack
GNC                                  GNC
Macy's                               Sears
Crabtree & Evelyn                    Crabtree & Evelyn
Kay Jewelers
Lands's End


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  4. i hope the cat will be ok

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