Thursday, May 15, 2014

Évekkel Ezelőtt Született Sixty-Six Ma

Brian Eno volt ma született 66 évvel ezelőtt. Azt hiszem ez tetszett Eno ambient zenét nagy négy dolgot. A BLCKDGRD, bizonyos vagyok benne, hogy mothefucking POTUS 16 vagy több köze van bleggal szorongást, bármi. Nem tudom, mit kell tennie, hogy elkerülje a zaj nem okoz nagyobb zaj.

Nem, nem beszélni magyar. Bárcsak én is. Anyukája megtiltotta a lányok beszélni magyar. Igen, ez is csak egy másik BLCKDGRD sillyass.

UPDATE! Nem kapcsolódik Eno születésnapja, de válaszul az általános kétségbeesés kombinálva bleggal hiábavalóságát plusz három órát, hogy a munka a tervezett napot:


  1. 1)here's a line from the brian eno - david byrne collaborative album everything that happens will happen today

    The cheapest dog, the hottest sun, the fiercest cat & the meanest gun

    2)and speaking of fierce cats, see

  2. eno, of the col. of 'er new fair trading summer dress, of the what with wearing ,of this art ist ext reme, of this in to thurs day after noon .. .

  3. I don't know, guessing Turkish? Or in spirit of Eno a language chosen at random. So yes, happy birthday to The Brian Eno. "Lucy you're my girl / Lucy you're a star / Lucy please be still and hide your madness in a jar / But do remember me, remember me."

    1. Magyar = Hungarian.

      Nem, nem beszélni magyar. Bárcsak én is. Anyukája megtiltotta a lányok beszélni magyar = No, I don't speak Hungarian. My grandmother spoke it. She forbade her daughters from speaking Hungarian.

      Your fascination with the the has put this in my head. So thanks!

  4. john, think that's of someth. of where blac' j. is from.. in some way ,/ but yes in the spirit of eno.. . ran', / don' know that line , and not looking to see , but it's making me think that the lucy may not be mad .. ,only in need of a way to go about getting someth. done . /how sh'... for gets .. . / .. a mentioned while a few of you are here , in the room ,somewhere , that anne is seeing some one new here on planet ontario , son of poet , two, his step father as well , paid poets, of the past possible . this son of works for someth. of ca broadcasting , of how to get things done .

  5. I was going to guess Hungarian.

    Speaking of which, that Corgi seems really hungary for some iceberg lettuce. Ba-da-bomp!

  6. Oh yeah, keep the interwebs going while I'm off-line! I'll be checking in, so don't slack off. It better fucking be here when I get back. I mean it.

  7. oh, odd , anne is an iceberg ,no lettuce , / and i was mellow with eno of why i missed answering john before blac's back to , / and my new .. looks like mike scott/but larger ,taller , of why the i on a , / and chec k out my fr. over at john's .. .

  8. My band carted TheThe (Matt & Eric, at least) around Chicago in our (Barry's) van when they played here on the Naked Self (great album) tour in 2000. Long story. Nice blokes.