Saturday, May 31, 2014

It's So Self-Indulgent to Think You Like This Song

That has been this blog's Bleggalgazing Gag from Day One. It is by far the most posted youtube in this blog's history. I've watched it at least a dozen times each time I've posted it. Of the almost 12K views, I'm guessing 1K are mine. It gets better, deeper with each viewing. I'm writing this sentence at eight o'clock Friday night. I've already watched it seven times, by the time this is posted Saturday morning I'll watch it a half dozen more. There is nothing I can write - nothing I can imagine anyone far more talented than me writing - that bleggalgazes better, deeper. It restores my faith in my fuck it, my fuck this. Chris Elliott is fifty-four today. Today is an Egoslavian High Holy Day. Here's this blog's official Bleggalgazing Anthem:

So today I bleggalgaze. Friends analog and digital have told me they like when I write. I like when I write. One of this blog's oldest mantras is I do this for me and mine. I need occasional reminding. There will be no hiatus, no abandonment, Egoslavian Holy Days will be observed. I will, however, try to release myself - how successfully and for how long I'll find out - from the obsessive bleggal obligations masquerading as responsibility to the reader I use to feed my attention sluttery. It's not that I want to post less, it's that I want to stop posting like a motherfucking addict. Fuck it, fuck this, fuck that. That includes not posting daily. It includes not not posting daily. It means not posting compulsively, it means not posting for pings, it means posting what I know will drive away pings (hiking, travelogs, and, especially, bleggalgazing) because they are my favorite posts. It means not spending two hours an evening fishing for links every evening if I don't feel like spending two hours that evening fishing for links. It requires distinguishing when I want to post and when I don't, when all I want is attention when I've nothing but fished links and songs and a poem to offer, it means posting when all I have is a song I want you to hear and a poem I want you to hear. I do know the difference, will try to honor it.

As always, thanks for reading. If you are Kinding me and me not you please let me know. Here, this shitty blog's Number One Theme Song, has been since Day One: