Thursday, June 12, 2014

What Use to Learn the Lessons Taught by Time

In lieu of (a) a post written last night while I was in a vile mood because of ............................. and (b) a snarky post aimed at bleggal overlords and their thumb-uppers and (c) .............................. and (d) a post written this morning while I am in a vile mood because of ........................ and (e) yes, I changed the poem and consequently the post's title because after the xth rereading I grew to dislike the first poem so (f) please have today's substitute for normal blog blueprint: sing along, you know the words, you know how these posts go.

I didn't realize United had a game last night until this morning. That hadn't happened in the 17+ years of DC United's existence. Fine metaphors abound and hmmm....


Howard Nemerov

Late in November, on a single night
Not even near to freezing, the ginkgo trees
That stand along the walk drop all their leaves
In one consent, and neither to rain nor to wind
But as though to time alone: the golden and green
Leaves litter the lawn today, that yesterday
Had spread aloft their fluttering fans of light.
What signal from the stars? What senses took it in?
What in those wooden motives so decided
To strike their leaves, to down their leaves,
Rebellion or surrender? and if this
Can happen thus, what race shall be exempt?
What use to learn the lessons taught by time.
If a star at any time may tell us: Now.


  1. blac' j. , we cross paths oddly ,of poems picked , and of emotions to motion 'puls' put ,of when the worl d needs the repeats not obsess. to hear , / of another,of the balancing , of why i'm here ,i'm here a little , in the whelm over , of leaves from trees where .. they go ..,of lessons, of no surrender , but bre aking, and the f word using a little quieter feminine mine , but aimed at the sky with ,grand to sea fall.. out

  2. and of another sea , for all those youthful puking not at the prom. last evening , patti no karma smith 's horses, and feels like teen spirit with patti's added poetry.. try ,