Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Sam Thought Glass and Light Signals Might Work

  • Earthgirl went to the doctor yesterday who gasped at Earthgirl's leg - which hurts more eight days after the fall than any day since the fall - and demanded Earthgirl see an orthopedic today. Concern has turned to worry.
  • UPDATE! It's gonna be black and blue and purple and hurt like a motherfucker for a month or two but Earthgirl's leg will be fine. The relief in her voice is wonderful.
  • UPDATE! For content, the general practitioner yesterday talked of (a) blood infection (b) compartmentalized blood pooling (c) hidden broken bones and (d) possible surgery.
  • UPDATE! For those of you following Earthgirl's knees, do you realize it's been sixteen years since my clock sputtered? Annual today: I'm "ridiculously healthy", says clockmaker! 
  • UPDATE! If I don't hike this coming weekend my head is going to explode.
  • Homeless spikes. America 2014.
  • There's another new shitstorm (more here) (h/t) in Left Blegsylvania. (I recommend reading the comments at the second De Boer post and at Tarzie's post.) There is always a new shitstorm in Left Blegsylvania. I can't keep up.
  • A reminder to please consider throwing the coins in your pocket at Arthur.
  • Badiou and Beckett, for those of you who one or the other or both.
  • Beckett, for those of you who do.
  • Silliman's always generous litlinks.
  • Damn, I'm 6th again.
  • Order out of chaos.
  • Cozy Restaurant closes. I hadn't eaten there in decades - since I was a kid, probably - but Cozy was a landmark on 15.
  • King Crimson is reforming. Touring. Closest they come to DC is Philly. I'd have had a debate with myself if they had a show nearby, I don't even need talk myself out of driving to Philly.
  • You'll see why I couldn't type out today's poem. Click, yo, to enlarge.


Robert Fitterman


  1. Geez, I can't imagine how EG fell to do that kind of damage. Thank Serendipity there were no breaks, ACLs, MCLs etc, twists, tears. Wisdoc tore a meniscus while skiing this winter, is sorely pissed b/c it hampers her (religious) daily mile and a half on the dreadmill before work and is only now seeming to get right. Our orthopod, himself a runner, who, natch, makes his living operating specifically told her he would refuse to operate on her. She's just, ahem, not young, and takes a little longer to heal than a 23 year old soccer player. Again, glad it's nothing too serious.

    1. I heard her gasp when she started to fall and saw her knees hit the rock. Frankly, I'm still surprised she didn't shatter her kneecap. She broke her one of her arm's fall with a now totaled camera. It could have been so much worse - she could have fallen sideways instead of straight ahead, plunged down a steep hill into boulders. She'll never again walk and photo at the same time again, she promises.

      Thanks for Kind thoughts.