Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Self-Expression Is Evil

Another new promo for forthcoming new Pere Ubu album. Ubuprojex says Tour Dates to Be Announced Soon. I'm checking daily. Will travel within the time zone. Have I ever mentioned how much I love Pere Ubu? Look, I've finally added the tag MSADI5G, though I'll not track back. Lordy, the below is one of dozens of my five favorite Pere Ubu songs ever.


  1. speaking of throwing time away recklessly, prowling about for stuff pertaining to the OldGlobe MOOC i'm participating in, i found

    OLD AGE Rumi

    Why does a date-palm lose its leaves in autumn?
    Why does every beautiful face grow in old age
    Wrinkled like the back of a Libyan lizard?
    Why does a full head of hair get bald?
    Why is it that the lion's strength weakens to nothing?
    The wrestler who could hold anyone down
    Is led out with two people supporting him,
    Their shoulders under his arms?

    God answers,

    “They put on borrowed robes
    And pretended they were theirs.
    I take the beautiful clothes back,
    So that you will learn the robe
    Of appearance is only a loan.”

    Your lamp was lit from another lamp.
    All God wants is your gratitude for that.

    one MOOC participant wrote The line "They put on borrowed robes and pretended they were theirs" reminds me of this favorite from Questions and Answers in Zen, Fudaishi, 6th Century AD

    He creeps along the log in fear and trembling; he does not know that the bridge is flowing and the water is not.

  2. the part after the rock break in "story of my life" made me think of the song "honest work" - here's a vocal trio's rendition