Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Remainder Can Only Imperceptibly Dwindle, Retreating Backwards Until Their Long Lost Premises Turn Inside Out

That's Earthgirl's knee last night. Other things we learned from Sunday's hike, by far the most ambitious we've planned since we were twenty years younger. Eat. Eat healthy the night before, healthy in the morning, healthy along the way even if we don't feel hungry. Double our water, drink even if we don't feel thirsty. Stop more, more for the sake of enjoying the wood than for rest, though rest even if we don't feel tired. The next time the guide says "the trail gets considerably more rocky" believe the guide book. Next time one of us falls and bashes a joint or bone, turn around and go home. There will be a next time, goddamn it. And then another, motherfucker. I'd be surprised we get a chance this weekend, at least a long hard hike, that knee is going to be spectacularly marbled and colored for more than a few days.

Regarding the bleggalgaze - (a) when bleggal overlords stop by to see if there's action here then Blegsylvania is dead everywhere and (b) there will be a Pere Ubu post later today or, more likely, tomorrow (with a Henry Cow cascade), and (c): this:


Mark Ford

As I emerged from my hip-bath it suddenly dawned
The facts might be remarshalled and shown to rhyme.

Now the era need never end: its coefficients learn
To crack their knuckles, or reach for a handful of silver.

I watch the entangled sums unspool, as if the weight
Of earth pressed fitfully upon their mad proposals.

Stray hints lead across perilous foreclosures, around
Noisy corners, then out into featureless, sandy scrub.

The devolved particulars - a shoe, a mole - reappear
In compounds that seem so explicit one forgets to gasp.

The remainder can only imperceptibly dwindle, retreating
Backwards until their long lost premises turn inside out.


  1. only beginning to read here on this post , related mention , said nature of , still wondering how your companion for life got the name eart h girl ? , / and yes pause en joy more , / as i've mentioned ,my husband of my twenties married made his way up through scouting , /we went on a more than a few days outing in to a north end of the lakes ,park car and walk in , grant did not plan the time of day part of the rock climbing well, on one .., in the mid day sun blinding , my footing went in to a snaking hole , quic k out as i am very , ,but a sprain , we ended up having to camp on a slant by a blue berry bush on a rock ,bush ties for the night , had a visit from a bear , i'm good with animals more four legged , and men , very , survived .. .

    1. She's a wonderful gardener.

    2. of garden in 'er ,i am of but not able .. , i'm not able in the ways of those that i know well that are now abro'd , able to come and go ..,of ont., not kept, that give tours .. of what is edible of from what grows between the pave ment brea ks , but i do know how feed a bear .. .

    3. to.. of feed ..fell out , lap' more than second hand .. / met robertson davies , of ont., mis tah .. .

  2. earthgirl's ordeal makes me question my resolve to get back on the bicycle after a decades-long dismount

    i have the bike - i thought buying it would help me resolve my ambivalence in favor of action - once again, i don't know myself as well as i would like

    by the way, 'the magic kingdom' arrived - much thanks - missus charley is current reading 'the cunning man' by robertson davies on her metro rides - i may offer her the elkin next

  3. Yo bdr, I can't tell you how much the hiking posts mean to mean, even the sad ones about Earth Girl. Not only do I love the posts as is but they have also made me get off my fat arse and start walking again, though there are other recent reasons to do so. Everyone of your tips are already ideep n my mid-brain but you and EG have brought them forward. Thanks!

    Mr. C, I am where you are, though "younger." If you can, pedal away, try to do so!.

    Ms. Anne, thank you for posting. I always look for your comments and they really mean a lot.