Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Were You Ready to Place Your Foot in the Gaps

Today is Primary Day in Maryland. Earthgirl has not asked me to vote for Board of Education so I won't vote. The above is the elementary school across the street from my front yard, photo taken last night, there is a voting booth less than a hundred yards from my front door. I look forward to my phone's incessant ringing from numbers I know are pleaders ceasing, forward to strangers stopping knocking on my door, forward to my mailbox not refilling daily with fliers I consign immediately to the recycling bin. I think I've finally, after ten years since I gave my fucking cellphone number to the fucking Kerry organization when dopelikeme canvassed for John Fucking Kerry, told everyone who had that number in the Democratic Beg Department to LOSE MY FUCKING NUMBER! and they have finally lost that fucking number. If only I could get the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra to stop calling me, IT WAS ONE FUCKING NICK CAVE CONCERT AT STRATHMORE, YOU ASSSHOLES, I DON'T KNOW WHY YOU HAVE MY NUMBER, TAKE MY NUMBER OFF YOUR FUCKING CALL LIST!

  • Mr Alarum news! His bio doesn't mention that he's a friend of mine. Fucking editors.
  • Post-America.
  • The United States of Amnesia.
  • Bernie Sanders for POTUS? Link posted mostly because I spent a half hour yesterday working with the article's author getting an antique microfilm reader to work so he could do research on his next book. 
  • I was at my mother's birthday party Sunday evening, the only part of the USMNT-Portugal game I saw was from a minute before Dempsey's goal and the end. Since I only saw that small sample I can't comment on how much Michael Bradley sucked before Dempsey's goal, but I can comment on how much Michael Bradley sucked after Dempsey's goal. Michael Bradley sucks. Sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks. DeMarcus Beasley too.
  • Dear Jurgen Klinsmann, shut the fuck up. You, not FIFA, left DeMarcus Beasley in when he was a dead man walking, it's no accident Ronaldo's cross came from Beasley's flank.

  • I want to write - well, I did write, I want to post but won't - about my brother-in-law's wedding and my mother's birthday party. There is more that I want to post but don't than there is what I do post. Call it discretion, call it cowardice, it's somewhere between. I don't even post it in poetry, I eat most of my poems. What I mostly want to write about my brother-in-law's wedding is how people compete to be the visibly more important than others to either the bride and groom. It happens in all aspects of life of course, but events like weddings bring out the urge more obviously. What I mostly want to write about my mother's wedding has nothing to do with any of you who read this blog though I won't say more. I briefly thought about opening a new joint and then burying the joint unannounced on a blogroll, but I quickly stabbed myself in my left hand's poem with my maroon Sarasa pen and all is better now.
  • And lordy, the bleggalgazing that would be there. Stabs self in right palm with maroon Sarasa pen.
  • The lost wedding album.
  • A life update, plus help :-p make music
  • We begin in the middle.
  • Desolate. Earthgirl and Planet can vouch, you can't get me to go to the zoo.
  • Bjork was young once too. If her music doesn't sing to me like it once did, that's on me.
  • Audial Interlude II.


John Taggert

Were you ready                         ready ready                         ready for train time
                              were you                             were you
time to be fed                                tongue                       feed the train inside you
                              were you                             were you
train in                              in waves of a as in father                             amen train
                   were you                                                     were you

you were ready you were you were as you were as ready as you were
ready as you could be ready for ready for train time the violet
train you were as ready as ready for the love train "let's start a
love train" you were ready to pull the train ready as could be
to pull the train through the summer night "let's start" ready for
the end of the song "come on come on" ready for violet tongue to
tongue to feed violet train inside train in the train of pulses in
pulses inside you "come on come on" inside you in waves of a
waves of a as in father ready for the end of the father's tongue
you were ready for the father father's tongue to touch your teeth  

Were you ready                         ready ready                         ready for train time
                              were you                             were you
time to be fed                                tongue                       feed the train inside you
                              were you                             were you
train in                              in waves of a as in father                             amen train
                   were you                                                     were you

                         Were you ready to place your foot in the gaps
                         were you ready to place confidence in the gaps
                         were you ready to enter a trance in the gaps.  


  1. speaking of zoos, the following is kind of related

    'Depressed' Ferret Flees Siberian Circus

    The Moscow Times
    Jul. 15 2011 00:00
    Last edited 17:38

    A ferret has escaped a circus in the East Siberian city of Chita along with a monkey and a red-breasted parakeet — apparently because they all were feeling down due to bad weather.

    "We believe the creatures have fled because of their depression — the rain in Chita just doesn't stop," the circus' art director, Zhanna Lazerson, told Interfax on Thursday.

    "We found the monkey in a doghouse in the morning, and the two animals were cuddling in their sleep," she said. "But the search for the ferret and the parakeet goes on."

    She said the escape has added to the animals' depression in the circus because the male parakeet was partnered on stage with a female parakeet who is now missing him.

    The ferret is less missed, with Lazerson calling him a "terrible glutton, idle to the core."

    Nevertheless, the troupe hopes that the animals will return to their circus home once they get really hungry.

    Weather forecasts say the rain won't let up in Chita this week.


    1. of zoos/ ca broad casting , kind of related , too much body painting going on there (cir cus )..as sh' looked in a lit tl e over the past month, , anne flees .. . ,you'll find 'er in the small hous' with the four leggeds , cuddling , no body paintin g , job done .

  2. It's funny. My sister's getting married (#3) in August. Same kinds of thoughts. My solution, fade into the background. Let others be front & center. Find someone nice, maybe even wife, to talk to and maybe dance with.

    Same thing at a recent funeral (sans dancing, natch). Neighbor. Current Dem. U.S. Senatorial Candidate standing right there beside the reception line which was about half an hour long. I waved across the room to my neighbor (whom I see on a nightly, dog-walking basis) when she looked exhausted and gave her the 'call me' sign. Didn't need to make a thing, make some sort of gratuitous 'I'm so sorry' word gesture. Let her get on with her life, then speak at length when she's ready, and less pressed and possibly more needy.