Monday, July 7, 2014

Everything Stands on Its Head in the Pavilion of Green and White Porcelain

Gustav Mahler, born 164 years ago today. I had dinner with Hamster last night, forgive me, we got distracted with matters of life and death (serendipitously - serendipity indifferent to its tank-tracks vis you, me - Mahler completed this song cycle to delay writing his 9th Symphony, superstitious, fearful of death), I meant to badger Hamster for a playlist - he'd created one before but I can't find it. For another consecutive year I type some variation of the sentence, If I fall farther away from the symphonies each year, I dig the Lieder more. Serendipitously, it just occurs to me, since I had no idea what the lyrics are when I fell in love with this song cycle, it's proof of this morning's statement on me and sound versus lyrics.