Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Bruise Will Stop By Later

The Radigue helped briefly, but it became apparent what I needed was Karkowski. What I discovered: since his death last December, some rights-holders went through you-tube and shut down dozens of Karkowski pieces. Fine metaphors abound.

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  • On Serendipity: Fifteen years or so ago I would stop at Dietles, a roadhouse on Rockville Pike a couple of miles from my house, for a couple of beers and to shoot pool one or two nights a week after work. One of the bartenders was Dr Z. We became friends. We were pretty sure we were at the same parties in the early 80s, we vaguely recognized each other and knew some of the same people. I introduced Dr Z to disc golf, and now, long since he quit Dietles and long since I quit Dietles, we still disc together (though not so much lately as I've been hiking with Earthgirl most weekends this summer). Sometimes when Dr Z and I play Seneca Earthgirl comes along and goes off into the woods to paint. This past April, while the three of us were talking at the car after the round, Dr Z mentioned he couldn't play the next weekend because he was going to Minnesota to visit his daughter. Minnesota, Earthgirl said, I went to college in Minnesota. So did my daughter's mother, said Dr Z, she went to Carleton. I went to Carleton, Earthgirl said, when did your daughter's mother graduate. 1981, said Dr Z. 1981! shouted Earthgirl, I graduated in 1981, what's her name? Laurie P..... said Dr. Z. Earthgirl shouted, she was one of my best friends! We're having dinner tonight.


the bruise will stop by later.
For now, the pain pauses in its round,
notes the time of day, the patient’s temperature,
leaves a memo for the surrogate: What the hell

did you think you were doing? I mean . . .
Oh well, less said the better, they all say.
I’ll post this at the desk.

God will find the pattern and break it.
 - John Ashbery

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  1. Israel mows the lawn.

    I've posted that link a few times at the WaPo (Jenghazi's blog, Krauthammer's) just for the halibut.

    Here's another.