Friday, July 18, 2014

the flower-visiting species

We are going to the woods today, we are going to the woods tomorrow (w/Planet and Air!), we are going to the woods on Sunday. Something will be here or nothing will be here Saturday morning, Sunday is a High Egoslavian Holy Day so that ritual will be observed.


remembering; and with the aid of; ventilation; and production; the poem

Christian Hawkey

must balance; this risk; a tablet; peak plasma; the first alphabet;
with the clinical need; finger-sized; it makes sense; the fingers;
were the first; to make sense; this risk; 31 letters; the flower-visiting            species;
as opposed to; dung-feeding; the terminal phase; and the;
distribution phase; never; in my life; the relationship; logarithmic;
propriate or; propion; to make sense; this risk; and the;
as opposed to; had i imagined; that’s business; he was as soft as;
bill nodded; his neck trembling; a tablet; peak plasma; 31 letters;
throwing my body; the flower-visiting species; with the clinical need;
in front of; and with the aid of; that’s business; the distribution phase;
and the; on-coming; volunteers; reflected; in the moment of; the                   fingers
the first alphabet; peak plasma; bill nodded; pooled analyses; in                     my life;
this risk; the fingers; reappropriated; his neck trembling; numb