Thursday, July 24, 2014

Three Bleggalgazing Anthems Plus Official Blog Theme Song Should This Be This Bleg's Last Post

Email from Google assures me this blog will be here Friday morning, tomorrow the day my domain name toggles for another year. Still, it's blooger. So in case it disappears (as in I can't revive it - it is blooger), thanks much to everyone who visited, especially regulars, double especially for long-timers, infinity especially for loved ones.

If this is the last post (I don't think it will be, but it is blooger), this is what the last post whenever I stop will be (and should the blog not have disappeared in the morning then this post will disappear - or, alternatively, I might leave it, a celebratory Baal-taunting tattoo): the bleg's Three Bleggalgazing Anthems....


... and since Bleg Day One ten or more years ago, this bleg's official Theme Song: