Sunday, August 24, 2014

Backsuck and the Borders Swallow

That's the rental we picked up Saturday for driving Planet's stuff to Ohio Monday so I can abandon her at college for the start of her senior year. Me and a fat-ass red gas-guzzling SUV, a Dodge, with Oklahoma plates. The three of us find it funny. When I turned the car on the radio was tuned to the local sports-talk station, ESPN980, it was a local baseball show, I didn't have any music with me so I listened the fifteen minutes from rental office to house. To tell from the commercials, sports-talk radio stations' target-demographic is males who owe thousands in back taxes, face bankruptcy, and have erectile dysfunction. Doctor Hornsby promised results in his office on your first visit or the visit is free. I almost wish I had an NRA magnet-sticker and an I Don't Trust the Liberal Media magnet-sticker for the Kensington to Frederick to Hagerstown to Hancock to Cumberland to Morgantown to Washington to Wheeling to Zanesville to Gambier and back just to see the faces from the drivers of cars with Obama stickers when I zoom by or they zoom by me. It'd be like The Alternative Factor. But what of Lazarus, hassled by Internal Revenue, irrevocably broke, unable to maintain a boner, in both matter and anti-matter universes?

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  • I believe The Gazette might have just condemned one of the robbers to death. 
  • I watched the first half of DCU last night - its was streaming on the website, I was streaming media at my work desk for self-entitled fucks - and United scored three goals in under ten minutes in a Germany v Brazil fashion and I tweeted that thought out. Two tweeters who follow me chipped in and.... Long story short: I did commit to do a Fuck-Me-Jig if and when a new stadium exists. The original dare stated I would do it in front of my season ticket seat, but since I will not longer be a season ticket holder I cannot uphold that end of the dare. I will however, buy a ticket to a game, do the Fuck-Me-Jig, have SeatSix or Landru or someone record it, and post it here, provided here is still here. Besides, there will never be a new soccer stadium in DC.
  • Gaddis, for those of you who do.
  • Ruggles, complete, for those of you who do.
  • Mirah is going to the Kate Bush shows.
  • Borges born 115 years ago today. Tlon, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius.


May Swenson

Stone gullets among       Inrush       Feed         Backsuck and
The borders swallow            Outburst             Huge engorgements       Swallow
In gulps the sea      Tide crams jagged         Smacks snorts chuckups       Follow
       In urgent thirst      Jaws the hollow      Insurge       Hollow
Gushing evacuations follow       Jetty it must       Outpush       Greed


  1. Conservative highway patrollers from MD to OH duly advised.

    Thanks for the Guardian link re polar ice. Duly noted & credit due.

    Yes, I Gaddis. Or at least I did and probably will again.

    Again, safe travels and LOUD musics!

  2. the license plate of your rental car reminds me of a song, the 1971 number one hit on the radio for paul revere and the raiders

    i heard part of this song on the tv on an infomercial for "150 40-year old songs from 1-hit wonders on an overpriced CD collection" - i may not have the title quite right - the host was donny osmond, and the hostess an attractive somewhat younger woman i'd never seen before