Sunday, August 17, 2014

Seas Where Schools of Fools Be First

Forgive me, I love this song. See post title. It might be this blog's record holder for number of times it's been Theme Song of the Month (beloveds can vouch even while expressing bemused puzzlement), but roughly a year and a half ago it disappeared completely from youtube, not just this particular version and not just this particular video but any version and all videos completely. Ten minutes ago I had the bridge of a Camera Obscura song in my head, it couldn't figure out which one, have I even mentioned my compulsive/obsessive tendencies? there was no choice but to find the Camera Obscura song, went to youtube and... found this and posted immediately, I assume it will disappear again. Will obsess over the Camera Obscura song next time if there is one. Forgive me, I will rebump this as new at the top of new post hence the comments turned off - chastise me tomorrow. Forgive me, fuck it, fuck me, fuck this. Forgive me: I love this song.