Wednesday, August 27, 2014

What They Know Is What They Know You Know

I think the just-deleted Post of Static proved that static gifs in particular slow the loading of this blog down. That wasn't the point (I'll get to the point from a better direction eventually, it's a bleggalgaze not a bleggalquit situation) but it's a lesson well-learned. Blooger has been fucking with the blogrolls, the self-updating function in half of the blogrolls isn't working, I'm stupid enough to wonder if removing the static post fixes that problem. As always, fine metaphors abound.

Oh, the soundtrack for Kensington to Frederick to Hagerstown to Hancock to Cumberland to Morgantown to Washington to Wheeling to Zanesville to Gambier and back? you didn't ask. I have over 3500 songs/pieces on my mambo iPod, at the beginning of trips I set all 3500+ into shuffle and play roulette. I don't understand iPod's shuffling algorithms, but every trip there seems to be, considering the odds, the number of songs against 3500, a band or musician the ball keeps dropping into uncannily, and I smile. Luckily, this time Tindersticks.

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