Tuesday, November 18, 2014

I write about work very little at BLCKDGRD for the two primary reasons of self-protection and more self-protection. This is not to say I do not write about work. I am currently on a hiring committee for a senior executive position in the library I work in. I found myself writing in tablet about the candidates and the upcoming non-debate about the two - the people in general and the person in particular who decide have decided against one candidate if not for the other. I got 3/4ths way of a whole page of tablet writing about the process in a straightforward manner before the fuck this hit and I wrote what I wanted like I wanted to.

Caught myself writing
clear and concise and schtickless
sentences about work

as a creative
exercise, not, I tell me,
for publication.

Nothing demands pens'
tablets', counting to sevens'
return than writing

and for recreational
purposes re: work.

Clear, concise, schtickless
sentences, I am paid for
clear, concise, schtickless

sentences. I think
I can write better poetry
(excuse me the eight)

workese into stanzas? Boss
talk into static?

Maybe. Tale to snail.
Rhyme cannot be far behind,
may never get here.

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