Monday, December 8, 2014

There Is No Audience Because There Is No Audience

  • I've written this before (with a different time stamp): 34 years ago tonight I was lying in bed, tripping, blissed, happy, with Audrey H...., listening to WGTB when the announcer broke in to say John Lennon had been shot and killed. Seems silly to say now, but it was the biggest KABOOM! of my life at the time, and if I no longer need to play The Beatles or Lennon solo because I can hear any song I want at any time in my head I still remember the KABOOM! Anyway, the above is my favorite solo Lennon song.
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  • The Racial Slurs lost again! It's unseemly how much I enjoy the Racial Slurs losing. Fuck the Racial Slurs, fuck the fucks who defend the Racial Slurs' name, and fuck Danny Fuckstick Snyder!
  • UPDATE! For the four millionth year running, the Skins remain the best ongoing comedy on television. Between Trent Williams being paralyzed at the line of scrimmage and Sad RG3 sideline shots and ex-players destroying the coaching staff and anonymous complaints leaking out of the team like a gunship hit by cannonfire, no other franchise in sports delivers the goods quite like Washington. You think the Raiders are a mess? They are AMATEURS compared to the Skins. They are laughably competent. The Skins are such a mess that Rams coach Jeff Fisher (who runs a losing team, mind you) can send out the six guys he got for RG3 for the coin toss, because no one will fault you for rubbing it the Redskins' face. And the best part is that there is a real possibility now that Dan Snyder and GM Bruce "Vinny 2" Allen will decide to fire Jay Gruden and keep RG3 around, ensuring this will remain an endless implosion that deserves to be studied by NASA engineers. Let's say they really do fire Gruden. Who takes that job? I’ll tell you who: A guy who needs money. That is how it works in Washington. People only go to work for Dan Snyder when they know they're gonna get overpaid to suck. I live in the DC area and I swear that, every year, this fanbase deludes itself into thinking someone other than Snyder (McNabb, Shanahan, RG3, Zorn, etc.) is the problem. But of course, Snyder is the common link in this series of dumpster fires, and always will be. This will go on for decades. I can't wait. It brings me endless joy. I hope Dan Snyder buys The New Republic. Forgive me, I love it. George-C-Scott-as-Patton-standing-in-a-battlefield-of-corpses love it.
  • This was Earthgirl's favorite song from Friday's show:


Alice Notley

There is
there is
no audience.
So if you speak only to
imagined beings
what does "only" mean?
This building formerly a restaurant...
this small room has been scraped of its paint
and denuded of most former furniture: but
also it has grown in size—can a building be
enticed to grow? Because it is now as big as an
airplane hangar.
        beautiful face
unbloodied beneath
Mother of flies your
to turn to. If only
the audience
could see how
you are peaceful and the
languid, glossy
But the audience will still bring
         its own feelings
to these
not seeing you
              not seeing
what I
am present for.
Who has left me
here, I have.
Who are your
          into the
page if you dare
       Because he invented
your shape I do mean
because he invented you badly
           everything is still hidden.

 I was to impale myself on a
steel rod, with a blunt end
                     with a blunt end
which would make puncture
      more difficult
and I tried—it's too hard. I can't
Okay said the voice. I can't
then I was weeping
                             But it's blood! I'm
crying blood! I
That's part of it
said the voice.
I think this is hard.
(That's part of it)
How they prefer him must go.
I think this is difficult singing
Length and repetition
        create power
If this voice can return like
        a body
It resembles something that's already been,
Chestnuts broken
autumnal fungi
so you will remember, that
         it's fall
         falling, you'll go down
this is no story for the puling
         social classes
No not at all
it's for us my familiars say
who let me weep blood on their ground.