Saturday, February 14, 2015

Z to Almost G, with Map

Earthgirl asked me if I'd posted these and after I said I hadn't she asked if I would. These are from a week ago today, two videos of the drive to Ohio to visit Planet, from entering Zanesville on I-70, getting off at State St, turning left on Ohio 146, turning right after fourteen miles on Ohio 586. After eighteen miles on Ohio 586 - and after 586 becomes contiguous with US 62 for two hundred yards before forking left then two hundred yards farther on US 62 - turning left on Grove Church Road then left on Beckholt Road which changes to Big Run Road at the crossroads with Hopewell Road to just short of the Big Run Road bridge over the Kokosing River. My camera, with a fully-charged battery, ran out of charge two miles from Gambier. As for the two youtubes, the camera broke it in two, I didn't. As for the whip-around carsick-inducing directorial style of Earthgirl, the bounciness at least wasn't her fault - cars bounce. And you get the soundtrack. Especially dig the second song on the first youtube, a gorgeous Victoria Williams song of joy. As for the map below, it's just been updated, the highlighted are the roads we've driven during Planet's almost finished four years at college. Not seen are the highlights above and below the folds. I'm guessing from US 30 south to I-70 is forty miles and 77 west to Delaware is fifty, so 2000 square miles. There are at least five times as many miles on county and township roads within that box I haven't - and won't - drive than I have. I have three - at best - more times of this drive. Hence the archiving.



  1. Motion sickness at my desktop. Interesting soundtrack, but that "I want to fall in love just one more time" song felt like it would never end.

    1. Luck of the draw - I had no idea what songs would play. I know skipped at least one (Daniel Menche, which I know Earthgirl hates) and I cut short using crappy volume fade a Dead Can Dance song - but otherwise luck of the draw. And I love Robert Ashley's music.

      Two weird things - when I converted these today from wmv to youtube, youtube told me both exceeded allowed length without verification - I had to send them my phone number and they texted me a verification code and then both youtubes processed in minutes. The second one, however, displayed a message identifying every song on both youtubes in order (I wish I had thought to copy and paste it) and I had to click an admission that I was not the rights holder to the music. I don't mind clicking the admission, but I must admit I'm still too un-savvy about technology to be creeped out youtube knows what was played in a car off an iPod videotaped by a digital camera.