Wednesday, March 11, 2015

I Guess It's Too Late to Start Struggling to Remain Standing in a Transparent Plastic Cubicle Filled with Wet Clay, Repeatedly Slipping and Falling

Yesterday. They ripped out my old cubicle and installed my new cubicle. I could buy two new cars with the money it cost to buy these cubicles. Observe closely. Psst. It looks like my old cubicle. Then I went and got sushi in Glen Echo, their one speaker 1980's tape decker/radio played Surrender. Saved the day.


  1. I made $1000 an hour making and selling brutalist porn on the Internet, and you can too.

    1. Yeah, but you had to produce it with local meth-heads while in Sucktucky.

  2. who made these two short films, the south of the border filming in deadairlighting not ingmar only adding to the brill, brav o , glad i looked in, i may be sending this note twice