Sunday, March 8, 2015

Seventy Today

Mickey Dolenz was born 70 (70!) years ago today. I double and triple checked. I got into a slapfight with Nadine Kniedler because I said The Monkees are better than The Beatles. 48 years later, other than George's two songs, here, more Monkees, no Beatles.

My apologies for yesterday's multiple brain farts here and on twitter. While I'd like to claim it's a good sign that my brain is again working faster than my fingers, the more likely cause is the dragon mist from my coffee-maker.


  1. My dad was/is adamant that the Monkees (and Beach Boys and Rolling Stones) were hacks, while the Beatles and Dylan were the real deal. There was no arguing, it was objective fact, as certain as the Holy Trinity. The only recourse was to commit to liking hacks. Never got into the Stones (though the Sundays' cover of Wild Horses is sublime) but liked the other two.

    1. I came to love The Beatles and then heard the songs so freaking all the time I no longer can stand to hear them, and besides, I can play any Beatles song in my head at any time so I don't need to hear them, George's two great Yellow Submarine songs the exceptions. I always loved George most. But as a kid I loved The Monkees, and I think a lot of the songs still hold up (considering who some of the songwriters were it's not surprising).

      I respect him but Dylan has never sung to me - I'll take them blame, never gave The Beach Boys a second thought, and fuck The Stones, the single most overrated overhyped band ever. Jeebus, they suck.

      I forget about The Sundays. Today seems the appropriate day to go find some and remember.