Friday, March 20, 2015

You Hold a Little Hum, I'll Bottle Sounds of Me for You

OK, killed VNTY'SJNKYRD. Leaves only my twitter account and this shitty blog. Whatever I'd have put on VNTY'SJNKYRD I'll put here. In all aspects of my life except my loved ones I am entering a period of...  well, I'm not happy with the rest of that sentence as written in tablet so far - I know what I want the sentence and subsequent sentences to say, the motherfucking sentences just don't work yet. Soon, or not. Embracing the fuck it is harder than I thought it would be. Let me rework that sentence - embracing the fuck it is as hard as I thought it would be but not nearly as much fun as I expected. The fucking rules of rulelessness. Fuck me. Fell asleep with Mum in my buds, woke up with Mum in my head.

Oh, tomorrow is Egoslavia's Holiest Day, no links tomorrow, here, before they go stale,friends have new content:

  • Tom's remarkable and remarkably beautiful and heartbreaking Gaza series continues.
  • davidly on fine metaphors abounding.
  • Rob on Castaneda (and the above). I had a friend who was into both Castaneda and Seth. Remember Seth?
  • Giovanni on caring about surveillance
  • An excerpt from Jim's novel.
  • Ed has a book I will buy me.
  • Anthony on Denton Welch.
  • Dan on literary criticism.
  • Dave's Pawnee.
  • Smut has ignoble prize nominations.
  • Jacob has a question.

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