Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A Mirror Grown Dark with Age that Was Given to a Blind Man Who Spend His Nights Looking Into It

  • So, yellow and/or white ink from the printer won't show on the photocopy of Stanley's eye, photo taken last night. So, next two bullets are in fact in yellow ink beneath the silver sharpie in the above.
  • I directly addressed on twooter a twooter/blooger overlord yesterday and was justly ignored despite the quality of the joke, forgive my arrogance, I forgot to maintain an awed and respectful silence before his twooter/bloogerness.
  • I heard from an old boss yesterday, He''ll be in DC in June, we'll go to a Nats game and drink beer. I asked him if he was still a shaker in DNC as he once was, he emailed back, pfff, fuck that.
  • Hey, did some blogroll maintenance, moved some moribund to Moribund so if they unzombie I'll see. I think I only moved folk who aren't digibuds, but if you aren't where you were, you're now down in Moribund. Moribund is now the most populated blogroll on the shitty blog. Fine metaphors abound.
  • Middlebrow March. Plus Jake's place got a nice face lift.
  • To be a pilgrim.
  • Fucking Otter. Made you look.
  • Slim nails it.
  • M-83, the highway, not the band.
  • If you could read my mind.
  • Book X.
  • I can't find a way to link directly to this post, so next time flowerville posts this link will go to main page not current post, but go read the current post.
  • Big Blood is my new obsession, the best since the last until the next, love their covers (Cure, for instance) and their own songs.


Russell Edson

Let us consider the farmer who makes his straw hat his
sweetheart; or the old woman who makes a floor lamp her son;
or the young woman who has set herself the task of scraping
her shadow off a wall....

    Let us consider the old woman who wore smoked cows’
tongues for shoes and walked a meadow gathering cow chips
in her apron; or a mirror grown dark with age that was given
to a blind man who spent his nights looking into it, which
saddened his mother, that her son should be so lost in

    Let us consider the man who fried roses for his dinner,
whose kitchen smelled like a burning rose garden; or the man
who disguised himself as a moth and ate his overcoat, and for
dessert served himself a chilled fedora....  


  1. Their new album(s) sound(s) pretty good – fantastic & original and originally fantastic cover of Black Sabbath, a song I first loved on 8-track.

    1. Their cover of Blondie's "Heart of Glass" actually has me liking a Blondie song.