Sunday, April 19, 2015

Waxing with Intent

I now own a wax wienermobile, cast for only two dollars and dispensed hot from mold at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn Michigan. The museum houses the original wienermobile. Mocomofos, remember when Glenn Brenner drove the wienermobile up and down Wisconsin Ave NW? Hey! I've successfully driven away more than three-quarters of my readership since abandoning the daily aargh-aggregation and, to a much lesser extent, my daily aargh-barking. I knew that quitting the daily aargh-aggregation would decrease readership (and thank you to those of you still here who dig the mwah-aggregation and music and other people's poems). It's not as if this blog is aargh-free or ever will be should I ever truly desire it (and, more impossibly, am capable of desiring it). Still, since importing my other blogs and reposting some old pieces and poems as well as new pieces and poems, a stunningly dramatic drop in readers: if I admit very few want poetry at any time I must also admit of those few fewer want mine. This post is a celebratory dirge - I don't want to pose otherwise - and I am stupidly delighted to bemoan a result I precipitated and anticipated. That sentence is the point of this post and needed typed and posted to get it shat out of my system. Success: the most ironic English word and best onomatopoeia. And yes, when I fed two dollars into the wax-welder and cast my wienermobile Friday morning I laughed, I knew I would use it today, for this post, it made writing this post a happy necessity (and yes, further advances the cause).


  1. Guess you know where I am on this aarrgghh . . . .

  2. Sure, but what's the most ironic onomatopoeia?

  3. Another cool thing at the Henry Ford Museum is Bucky Fuller's Dymaxion House:

    The Detroit News autogyro's worth a lot of photos, too...

    About readership, I've always enjoyed the variety you have here, but visiting & navigating the site is a real chore. Every time I think of visiting, I have to first decide if I want my browser stalled for multiple minutes.

    1. Hey, leave a name please, even a non-de-blogcommenter - I get so many spams from anonymous I tend to delete without reading.

      Yes, we were in the dymaxion house. Built near Wichita, I wonder what it sounded like when stuck inside a Kansas hailstorm. I could see dents in the outer top - docent said, yes, those are from hail.

      I know all the youtubes bog the blog on some folk's machines. One solution would be to just have two posts at any one time on the front page, but that would mean a radical downsizing of the blogrolls. I could start with removing the theme songs, or at least numbers 2-7. I've notebooks full of inner-debates on this. We'll see. And thanks from reading when you do.

  4. 1)that's a cute wienermobile model - it reminds me of some hot dog dialogue -

    make me one with everything

    is what the customer says first - yadda yadda - then the vendor says, at the end

    change comes from within

    2) over the weekend spouse and self had the pleasure of viewing, on dvd from the moco publib, the nova tv science show about the supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy (title - monster of the milky way - i'm returning it today)

    reading more about supermassive black holes this a.m., i discovered that the really big ones are less dense than water - rather than being many tons to the teaspoon, as one might have naively thought - because the size boundary is defined as the line where escape velocity is equal to the speed of light - and for a supermassive black hole the sphere defined by this boundary is really big, even compared to the mass

    it is truly an amazing universe