Saturday, April 11, 2015

On the Impending Announcement of Hillary Clinton's Candidacy for POTUS 16


Jerome Rothenberg

I am the Giant Goliath,
I digest goat cheese.
I am a mammoth's calf.                                 
I know your pinnacles by name.
My fingers close around
your fingers. I grow pale.
I become your executioner.
I come forth fat & bloody.
I propose a toast to peace.
I am the president of regulation.
None are savvier than I.
I forge a pact with murderers.
I claw my way to freedom.
Mark my words. I have no time
to be your humble servant.
I make a rope from women's hair.
I bite into the mighty pippin.
I turn & then return by turning.
I turn a vessel over with my hands.
I turn a pretty penny.
I am called the lord of dimes.
I turn my thoughts to daily deeds.
I turn my eyes to heaven.
I turn a screw no one has turned
before me. I predicate
& postposition freely.
In me the numbers come to naught.
I find a secret world in mirrors.
My fingernails are pale,
my steps are perpendicular.
I parachute & strut.
I seek acceleration day by day.
I am a man who swims among the drifters.
Istanbul is not my home.
I turn a page & listen.
I am as hard as nails.
My body swells from all the sounds inside it.
I show myself in dreams.


  1. an observation

    several of the characteristics of the viewpoint character of the poem also apply to me - e.g., i do not make my home in istanbul, i sometimes turn a page, i sometimes listen, i have digested goat cheese

    2 questions

    1)why the number 16 in today's title?

    2)would you willing to be more clear about your reference to your opthalmologist in the previous post? although perhaps you wish to say no more about it

    speaking of one's senses -

    earlier this week asbury methodist village gave me a free lunch - the fellow sitting next to me spoke so indistinctly that i wondered if now is the time for me to get a hearing aid

    after that lunch i wrote to amv's certified brain fitness facilitator quoting the following study:

    Boosting older adults' vision through training

    Just a weeks' worth of training can improve vision in older adults, according to new research. The findings show that training boosted older adults' sensitivity to contrast and also their ability to see things clearly at close distances.

    with best wishes and warm regards,
    mistah charley, s.b., m.a., ph.d., j.s.p.s.

  2. sorry for the previous question about POTUS 16 - after googling it i realized you must mean POTUS 2016 - more briefly POTUS '16 - even more briefly POTUS 16

    although sometimes my incomprehension is feigned, other times (more frequently lately?) i am being sincere

    is it a mark of my cognitive limitations that i think that my former governor, martin o'malley, has an admittedly small chance to get the nomination?

  3. and speaking of aging and attempts to mitigate its effects, billionaire genius ray kurzweil takes a thousand dollars worth of supplementary pills each day, according to a just-published interview in the financial times

  4. It seems Our Overlords have already decided.

    It's always a good time for the Minutemen

    1. 1) i read the article you cited - the analysis seems sound, and i agree that "something unexpected" like a new scandal or a health crisis is the most plausible way we escape a hillary! candidacy

      1a) on a minor point - why o'malley's lt. gov. did not succeed him as governor of maryland - i think the underlying reason is related to why the previous governor's lt. gov. also failed in his bid for higher office, even though the earlier incumbents were republicans - knowwhati'msayin?

  5. In case anyone was wondering why I gave up on politicks-posting at me blog...