Sunday, May 31, 2015

I'm So Fucked Self-Indulgent to Think You'd Like This Song

That's been this blog's Bleggalgaze One from Day One. People can vouch. It is the most posted youtube, by far, in this blog's history. I've watch it at dozens of times each time I posted it. It gets better each watch. I've watched it seven times in the past half-hour. There is nothing I can write - nothing I can imagine anyone infinitely more talented than me writing - that's better bleggalgaze. My faith in fuck it, fuck me, fuck this, replenishes. Chris Elliott is fifty-five today. Today is an High Egoslavian Holy Day.

Dr Z and I yesterday played a disc course new to us both, Ditto, a Washington County Park just east of Hagerstown. Eighteen holes, three field, the rest in woods, missed-fairways dense briar rough. SeatSix, think longer Pohick, a whiff of gully Pratt. First round, long to red, 61, second round, short to red, 55, three birds, two clanked. Two tees, two baskets every hole, and most holes the tees and baskets are as far left and right from other as possible, so four different if not dissimilar courses on the same eighteen. A remarkable use of limited space, it feels like a maze. 270 to 70 to MD-66 to Mt Aetna Rd, an hour drive to and from, it's now in the at least twice a year rotation.

On drive home news-radioed traffic and weather, the top-of-the-hour tease was Martin O'Malley's official candidacy. He's running for Vice President, said Martin. Or a cabinet position, I said. Martin said, I'm looking forward to the GOP Clown Show debates, ten white men all trying to get to the right of the other nine. I said, it just occurs to me that O'Malley is also betting that at some point Hillary's candidacy collapses - health or, more likely, Clintonian shittiness goes nova - and when it does O'Malley will be the only one with with campaign infrastructure, however lame, trite, underfunded, feeble. What about Sanders, Martin asked. We both laughed. I miss writing like this sometimes.

As always, thanks for reading. If you are Kinding me and me not you please let me know. Here, this shitty blog's Number One Theme Song, has been since Day One:


  1. google phrase results, this morning

    "anyone but hillary" - 13,500 hits

    "anyone but clinton" - 4,900 hits

    however, ABC rolls off the tongue more easily than ABH - were i starting a mass marketing campaign to popularize one of these acronyms, i would pick ABC

    and speaking of acronyms, only in the past couple of months have i become aware of the use of "the DMV" to refer to the washington metropolitan area - the district, maryland, and virginia

    of course the earlier, more well known use of DMV is the "department of motor vehicles" - although here in maryland the official name is "motor vehicle administration"