Sunday, May 3, 2015

Revolution, Fellow Complicit Motherfuckers!

Eight mile out-and-back to White Rocks from Gathland on Appalachian Trail yesterday.

Today: twenty-seven holes at Seneca (that's a birdie on three last year):

Tonight, after dinner in Chinatown, we see Stephin Merritt plays twenty-six songs, titles A through Z.


  1. He's here Monday night. Probs won't get there—absent a mind-blowingly amazing review from the likes of you. Saw MF with Wisdoc a few years back. Great show. Got ticket to Ride Friday night and can hardly stand it.

  2. i listened to the song 'when you're old and lonely'

    i looked up the songwriter on wikipedia - he is having an interesting life

    on a lower order of magnitude than he suffers, i can relate to hearing problems - last week i was changing the battery on a smoke alarm, and had some difficulty (the connectors were bent, it turned out) - so i got rather too much of the alarm sound, and even a week later i found going to a concert produced ringing in my ears - and this was not a rock concert,but an a capella concert (of the groups there, i most liked the capital hearings, with vox pop my second favorite)

    with respect to the musical group name 'magnetic fields' - over the weekend missus charley and i watched the episode of the cosmos series - the new one with neal degrasse tyson as host - in which faraday is depicted inventing the generator and the electric motor and coming up with the concept of 'magnetic field' - but he lacked the math skills to write the equations for it - maxwell did that - tyson claimed that faraday was in the same ballpark, scientific-genius-wise, as newton (the best ever, he says) and einstein

    although your posting title implies aarghitude, the body of the text is aargh-free - who knows if it is good or bad?

  3. Jim, if you've the time and the $$$ go. Was charming and tingling.

    Charley, Merritt would put a finger in his left ear as soon as a song was over to keep the noise of applause from hurting as much if he hadn't. He clearly finds performing painful, so bad is his hearing.

    Re: the post title - see the post tag.