Friday, June 19, 2015

Born Sixty-Seven Years Ago Today

Traditional Egoslavian Holy Day post for Nick Drake, born 67 years ago today. I sometimes forget how much I dig. Fuck the advertising douches who use his songs to sell product to hipsters, it's not Nick Drake's fault.

Also too, Happy Birthday SeatSix!




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  1. were nick drake alive to visit us in the dmv (district-maryland-virginia area) these days, he might bring along his refillable water container and take it for a free refill to those ecologically-sensitive establishments that have signed up to be partners in the TapIt initiative (had he a smartphone, there's even an app to specify where they are)

    full disclosure

    a) i heard about this in the WSSC bill i got this week
    b) typically i don't carry a refillable water container - but it's never to late to start
    c) i imagine this to be one of many small steps towards a renewable future consistent with pope francis's most recent encyclical