Monday, June 15, 2015

He Gave the Job to Somebody Else

  • I've been trying to write about work - as in my job - in a manner that expresses how the changes being enacted, from both a motive and execution perspective by my overlords, reflects how changes are enacted in the global sense, all the while doing so without the details which, though people could be hid behind pseudonyms, illuminate the points I'm trying to express. Above, what I accomplished towards this goal this past weekend.
  • Accelerationism from point of view of the body: Acceleration is one of the features of capitalist subjugation. The Unconscious is submitted to the ever increasing pace of the Infosphere, and this form of subsumption is painful—it generates panic before finally destroying any possible form of autonomous subjectivation.
  • When Gentrifiers get gentrified.
  • Kill the rich.
  • Conspiracy and class power.
  • The House of the Living.
  • { feuilleton }'s weekend links.
  • Kristen Hersh's favorite tracks.
  • Purple Girl (and other found things).
  • Grey Fox.
  • To be honest, I know of only one person at work, a friend, who regularly reads this blog, though pings come in from Illhoptay's IP address all the time, so yes, cowardice, packaged as common sense, applies.
  • The Bantam Menace. This is the first time I've thought about Ann Althouse in forever. Which makes me think of Michelle Malkin for the first time in forever. I remember linking to blogs that specialized in making fun of Althouses and Malkins in hopes those blogs would blogroll me back in the years of Dubya Potus. Thank you, Obama, I've grown out of linking to blogs mocking Althouses and Malkins (though not grown out of blogwhoring, obviously).
  • Thomas Mann, for those of you who do.
  • Rest in Peace, Dusty Rhodes.
  • Two more Pere Ubu songs for David Thomas' 62nd birthday yesterday:

[Keen and lovely man moved as in a dance]

Lorine Niedecker

Keen and lovely man moved as in a dance
to be considerate in lighted, glass-walled
almost outdoor office. Business

wasn’t all he knew. He knew music, art.
Had a heart. “With eyes like yours I should think
the dictaphone” or did he say the flute?

His sensitivity—it stopped you.
And the neighbors said “She’s taking lessons
on the dictaphone” as tho it were a saxophone.

He gave the job to somebody else.


  1. you may not have looked at this for years, if ever

  2. In current living, I keep repeating a snippet of Leonard Cohen: "The future seemed unnecessarily black and strong / as if it had received my casual mistakes / through a carbon sheet".

    And given my own attempts to divine what my Overlords are going to Do, I'm here to tell ya: Acceleration does in fact generate Panic.

    The Altmouse? I thought she was dead.