Wednesday, June 10, 2015

I Nod a Dance and They Dance in the Rain

Three reasons for that:

  1. I was volunteered (I don't mind) to drive to Jetties to pick up sandwiches (really good sandwiches) for friends at work, two people have ordered the Nobadeer, a female deer.... and if it's in my head it's gonna be in yours.
  2. My eyes, daily update: things are freaky, but the opth says the side-effects to the medicine are expected and usual. No more daily updates until the next one.
  3. Daily bleggalgaze: >>Deleted bleggalgaze<<

Have a gorgeous brittle sparkling pop song from my past, it appeared in my head yesterday:


John Berryman

I put those things there.—See them burn.
The emerald the azure and the gold
Hiss and crack, the blues & greens of the world
As if I were tired. Someone interferes
Everywhere with me. The clouds, the clouds are torn
In ways I do not understand or love.

Licking my long lips, I looked upon God
And he flamed and he was friendlier
Than you were, and he was small. Showing me
Serpents and thin flowers; these were cold.
Dominion waved & glittered like the flare
From ice under a small sun. I wonder.

Afterward the violent and formal dancers
Came out, shaking their pithless heads.
I would instruct them but I cannot now,—
Because of the elements. They rise and move,
I nod a dance and they dance in the rain
In my red coat. I am the king of the dead.


  1. Would never nob a deer, even if you paid me. Pah-dum-pah. 'Course that sandwich does look pretty good.

    Can you stop the offending meds or change to another?

    Then, of course, there's this: "New Red Shoes" by The Windbreakers:

    btw: Love the Psychic TV. Can't say I'd ever heard it before.

    1. I dunno, I have an appt next Friday, I'll talk with him then though he says the reduction in pressure this med should cause outweighs the side-effects and the side-effeccts, though suckful, aren't longterm or harmful.

    2. Sounds to this layman like somebody needs to move to Colorado or Oregon or some state where medical marijuana can be obtained for precisely this condition!