Friday, July 31, 2015

Dark Days When I Awaken So I Slump

  • The poem I started last night shouts at me this morning. Lordy, my jones for louder and quieter.
  • We all hate the lion-killer. Here's a comment I wrote on the post when I was lion-killer hating: Fuck humans, of which I insist I'm not worst (egoist that I am) but am amply shitty. What appears in this post bears little to what I first wrote. I wished the fucker professional ruin, which I stand by as his profession affords him his killing trips. I wished for ruin in his personal life too. So, I was wishing harassment on his employees (like he would answer the phones for me to tell him to fuck off or open all new suspicious mail etc) and pain on his loved ones, some of whom, though they love him, may not be despicable fucks themselves.
  • So yes, fuck me.
  • Capitalism.
  • My Favorite POTUS. I like you, Jimmy, but things same as they ever was.
  • The Cimmerian Hypothesis, part three.
  • And you thought Greece had a problem.
  • In Ewigkeit.
  • He does not wear bladder-leak pants.
  • Nearby is the country they call life.
  • What you can buy me for my birthday.
  • The new Vollmann isn't working. An old McElroy isn't working. The new Jeremy Davies is sort of working but not like it should. The new Matthea Harvey was working but now it isn't. So fuck me.


Casey Thayer

Dark days when I awaken so I slump
                    back to the swamp of his armpit, a whit

from the arachnid he inked to the stump
           that's left. So close to the vestige of it,

                                 the danger he's a reliquary of:
            tattooed noose to venerate the fist

                     of a slug buried still in his butt above
a white cross for the men he didn't miss.
           If only I could strip off the black map
I sleep against and be his liniment,

                   gloss over the explosion, the mishap
                              phantom he feels in a forearm itch.
            He won't leave the long tale his tattoos read
                    for me, so I amend the story.


  1. I'm in a bit of a reading slump too. Yea, the dentist guy hunter is gonna' get his comeuppance for sure. Too many people are on it now.

  2. I sentence the dentist to live in a pay toilet for the rest of his unnatural life -- and I don't mean those French-built, commodious, self-cleaning pay toilets, either. Suggestion: When stuck in the literary doldrums, I go back to the Start -- 'Smuggler's Bible', in this case. Accept no substitutes; no rubber pants.