Monday, July 20, 2015

Gray Static of a Television Screen

The Traditional Egoslavian Birthday Post:

High Holy Day in Egoslavia. Diana Rigg, first, still best crush ever, is 76 today. The Avengers (yes, I know I just did Macnee's death so this is some repeating), the Honor Blackman/Katherine Gale years in b/w, the Diana Rigg/Emma Peel years, but especially the first Emma year, in b/w, first, best crush ever. Last year I was able to post some episodes, this year some company has claimed rights and blocked them, still have this:

That still gives me toe-curling waves of nostalgic pleasure like nothing else does. I haven't mentioned this here in a while: I remember seeing the Flintstones in color, the first time I'd see a color TV, I was five? six? I don't remember whose house, a relative's presumably, I know it was in western Pennsylvania, but I am convinced that seminal event, followed by a decade of TV repeats after school, home when sick or faking sick, color then B/W then B/W then color then less and less B/W as the old shows fell out of syndication, and especially the shows in syndication like Avengers and Get Smart and Bewitched whose first years were in B/W then toggled to color, influence, for good and bad, how I apprehend and interpret the world still.

  • Really not a planet (not my Planet).
  • Age of Dystopian Reflection.
  • Spellcheck - is it your friend?
  • Bernie goes to Red States. We had a birthday dinner for my Dad last night (Happy Birthday!), and when leaving I saw that Elric had a Bernie sticker on his pick-up. He doesn't have a chance, Elric said, but fuck Hillary. 
  • Here's how involved I am: I thought Trump's demeaning of McCain would have instantaneously obliterated his candidacy, so knee-jerk American conservatives are to anti-veteran sentiments (unless it's John Kerry in 2004), but it was barely a blip. (The Washington Post is trying very hard today to invoke the obliteration, and with a summer weekend over perhaps the feigned outrage by professional Republicans will dramatically intensify). Perhaps it's signal that Trump's candidacy is seen even by those who support him as entertainment, but POTUS 16, before it ends up Inevitability vs Jeb to restore one dynasty or another, might be more thought provoking than I anticipated.
  • Some ass at the Baltimore Sun doesn't like Trump either.
  • The Sundae Conspiracy.
  • Whole Foods blows.
  • Unbuilding (slight return).
  • So good it hurts (Mekons!).
  • Mekons? Please please please watch the second.


Dick Allen

Make your strokes thus: the horizontal:
as a cloud that slowly drifts across the horizon;
the vertical: as an ancient but strong vine stem;
the dot: a falling rock;
and learn to master the sheep leg, the tiger’s claw,
an apricot kernel, a dewdrop, the new moon,
the wave rising and falling. Do these
while holding your arm out above the paper
like the outstretched leg of a crane.
The strength of your hand
will give the stroke its bone.
But for real accomplishment, it would be well
if you would go to live solitary in a forest silence,
or beside a river flowing serenely.
It might also be useful
to look down a lonesome road,
and for the future
to stare into the gray static of a television screen,
or when lost in a video game
to accept you may never reach the final level,
where the dragon awaits, guarding the pot of gold,
and that you’ve left no footprints, not a single one,
despite all your adventures,
anyone following you could ever follow.

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  1. Trump' job is to make the other crazies (policy-wise) seem reasonable. He will get the long knife soon enough