Wednesday, August 19, 2015

My Theory Is Simple-Minded to Be Sure

  • Small presses who do not know I exist did not suddenly visit the blog yesterday and contact me regarding the publication of this shit which I claim to desire but would not pursue if asked to submit. Submit is a wonderful double-edged verb in this context, yes? Related Magnetic Fields' song below.
  • Fatalism, scapegoating, timidity, dehumanization.
  • Today in motherfucking cops.
  • The problem with identity.
  • And this is news how?
  • dmarkrc has its way.
  • More Szymborska!
  • Clever Crow.
  • Speaking of Crow, I sent out my every six months Confirm Existence email, they've gone unanswered now eighteen months.
  • Microsoft dropped a Windows 10 turd in my updates and exploded the update without my say. How fucked am I?
  • I'm advocating this for Friday's hike.
  • Dude, you were a mile from my house, next time you're in DC let me buy you a pint.
  • Sicilienne.
  • What you can buy me for my birthday.
  • So once Mag Field's "Famous" was in head it was an instant leap to the Cohen song. And the Tate poem.


Jame Tate

Napoleon’s hat is an obvious choice I guess to list as a famous hat, but that’s not the hat I have in mind. That was his hat for show. I am thinking of his private bathing cap, which in all honesty wasn’t much different than the one any jerk might buy at a corner drugstore now, except for two minor eccentricities. The first one isn’t even funny: Simply it was a white rubber bathing cap, but too small. Napoleon led such a hectic life ever since his childhood, even farther back than that, that he never had a chance to buy a new bathing cap and still as a grown-up--well, he didn’t really grow that much, but his head did: He was a pinhead at birth, and he used, until his death really, the same little tiny bathing cap that he was born in, and this meant that later it was very painful to him and gave him many headaches, as if he needed more. So, he had to vaseline his skull like crazy to even get the thing on. The second eccentricity was that it was a tricorn bathing cap. Scholars like to make a lot out of this, and it would be easy to do. My theory is simple-minded to be sure: that beneath his public head there was another head and it was a pyramid or something.


  1. You can uninstall Windows 10 update within 30 days if you want to.

    I'm actually kind of enjoying Windows 10 (after adjusting some of the default settings). In either case, let me know if you need help.

    1. 1)my windows 10 update is still downloading in the background, as it has been for weeks now - nor am i able to view download progress - there is a problem, it tells me

      what will be, will be

      2) i like tate so much i've spent money to buy some of his stuff, but this one leaves me cold, at least this morning

      3)i usually don't watch the msnbc talkers in the a.m. but i happened to do so today - as one who dislikes ms. inevitability, it gladdened my heart to hear them all talk about how servergate makes even democrats unhappy

      what will be, will be

      4) leopold weiss, who became muhammad asad:

      “I fell in love with Islam,” he said matter-of-factly shortly before his death in 1992, “but I overestimated the

  2. Replies
    1. Yeah, I'd been in contact for a while after he closed the blog and I knew there were health and $$$ issues for both him and his wife. Haven't a word (or a ping) in a long time. He was always Kind to me and this blog.

  3. Similar Windows 10 things happening, and like MC5 Phd, it's still updating. Speaking with I.Rabshinsky, my Russian IT guru, I explained. He laughed ("When it stops, you are fucked"). Waiting for the update to complete is in some way the digital consumerist equivalent of waiting to be executed (thanks, Bill 'n Jim). I've backed everything up in anticipation of Who The Fuck Knows What, but that's just me.

    Re: The Hat. And Nappy was supposed to be this tactical fucking Genius? What did he do, wear the Bathing Cap too many times on the way into Russia? Did they let him take it to St. Helena? Does any of this matter?