Sunday, November 1, 2015

In My Latest Blogpolar Circuit, Verizon Warns Me It's Expensive to Text from Canada

Yesterday, in Detroit, with Earthgirl and Planet and Air, at the Detroit Institute of Art (DIA) and the Belle Isle Aquarium. (UPDATE! Psst, the above is better than before, faster, programmed correctly, ten minutes instead of half an hour). Planet has a TA job at a small Michigan college, one of those hundreds of small, originally church-sponsored, Liberal Art colleges that fill the Midwest. Detroit about an hour, hour and a half away. Came in from the west on 94 to 75 south to Downtown, did not see the square miles of abandoned houses Detroit is now most famous for, nor have I read, as I type this Sunday morning, how many were burned last night during Detroit's infamous Halloween fires. I highly recommend the DIA; we were there for four hours, I think we saw half. Here's weird: I have an aunt who takes Earthgirl and Planet to musicals at the Kennedy Center. Last year, visiting Planet in Gambier, we drove to Cleveland to see its art museum; while I was standing in a room filled with stained-glass windows my aunt calls looking to talk to either Earthgirl or Planet about going to some shitty musical at the Kennedy Center. Yesterday, while I was standing in a stain-glass filled room at the Detroit Institute of Art, my aunt calls to talk to either Earthgirl or Planet about going to see some shitty musical at the Kennedy Center. This is true, Earthgirl can vouch, and

Well, it doesn't prove Cleveland last year or the stain-glassed room this year, but people can vouch. Last section of photos from the aquarium on Belle Isle, in the middle of the Detroit River between Detroit and Windsor Ontario. We entered and drove counter-clockwise south then east then north on the island's circuit, as we approached the northern end my phone began chirping, Verizon frantically sending me texts telling me how fucked in the wallet I will be if I call, text, and send mail from Canada. A Michigan Department of Natural Resources officer assured me I was still in the United States. We stopped at the Belle Island Aquarium, remarkable more for the structure than the fish. Why am I telling you this? Why am I reverting to a format that implies intimacy between you and me in a voice I promised myself - I can vouch, you can probably too - I would never again use, ever ever ever, fuck this, fuck this blog, fuck me, just this past Wednesday? Here's me, who promised himself never to post of photo of myself, on the other side of a fish tank from Planet's camera, to tell you.


  1. Well... it is your blog. Not to quote the Egoslavian national anthem or anything, but you Do Get To Do What You Want so long as the DHS isn't enraged, and the NSA doesn't light up like an Eel) On Your Own Blog.

    I believe -- and resist going to the Alphabet Machine to check -- that the BIA was designed in the Forties or even earlier, and was rescued as representative American architecture? Did you happen to see a medium-sized lobster in there, by any chance?

    1. >> Deleted bleggalgaze <<

      No lobster. Unsurprisingly, filled with fish from Great Lakes. Surprisingly, it's the *African* Great Lakes, Lake Tanganyika in particular. No, really.

  2. Is it because you're wearing a Muslim-looking hat?

  3. Dude, that hat is an Earth Girl Knitted Original (c)!!