Tuesday, November 17, 2015

No One's Bothered to Ask the Bear What He Thinks

  • New Richard Youngs. Have I ever mentioned that I love Richard Youngs?
  • I understand why Earthgirl won't let me play certain music when she's in the car, but I don't understand why she doesn't like Richard Youngs. 
  • The other side of terrorism. To re-yodel for the umpillionth time: terrorism - Triskelions dig it.
  • Let me blunt. Anyone who wants our leadership to “fix” terrorism has either not been paying attention, is a fool, or is a tool who knows they’ll make it worse but expects to personally benefit in some way.
  • For the record, I work at a very attractive terrorist target in a very obvious target city, and I'm not freaking out, you motherfucking cowards in Backwater America.
  • So yes, I wrote about this, I'm as guiltily happy as anyone, trained, fuck me.
  • Stevie Smith.
  • Yemayas' Belly
  • Extraneous decoration.
  • Turnt.
  • Another new Richard Youngs song. Then a poem, then an old Richard Youngs song.


Ishmael Reed

The  pioneers and the indians
disagree about a lot of things
for example, the pioneer says that
when you meet a bear in the woods
you should yell at him and if that
doesn't work, you should fell him
The indians say that you should
whisper to him softly and call him by
loving nicknames
No one's bothered to ask the bear
what he thinks