Friday, December 18, 2015

This Week His Baldness Assaults the Radio

  • So, no rejection notice yet for my submission to Greywolf Press. Deadline for submissions was December 15, I expected the fuckyouyousuck on the 16th. What's the fucking delay?
  • Also too:
  • Neotony/privilege.
  • The limits of Schadenfreude.
  • Thoroughly postmodern terrorism.
  • Today's stupidass Star Trek allusion: That scene in late DS9 when Ezri tells Worf how fucked his loyalty to a dishonorable Klingon empire is? I just ezried a Hillaryite, and HE is not going to challenge Gauron.
  • My apologies, my anger as an apostate still feels good. So yes, it's gone. I can tell when work is bad because I can't read novels I can't read short stories I can barely read poems so I end up paying attention to shit I should ignore.
  • Be Bop Deluxe! by request for Bill Nelson's birthday!
  • Short stories - I have Barry Hannah's Airships. The Lucia Berlin DID NOT WORK. I didn't think the Barry Hannah worked after reading three stories yesterday but I woke up this morning thinking about one of the stories, so there's a sprig of......
  • New PJ Harvey album this coming Spring!


John Newlove

He is the nervous hunter.
Words, women, whisky, even wisdom,
are his game; he admits
to no favorite order.

He follows any road,
looking at everything.
No tree escapes his inspection,
and horses are not safe either.

The week his baldness
assaults the radio; next;
his wine rusts an island, a junta
feels the weight of his cigar.

Back and forth he wanders,
asking questions. He ought to have
a greasy grey felt hat
pushed back on his head. Perhaps he has.

I can see those shoes of his
plumb in the middle of a forest;
that hand grabbing a beer
at the north pole; that wet cigar
shining, just like a bloody star.


  1. Mort Drucker! (This, in reference to 'The Bears' album cover below) And, having had the pleasure of receiving a YouSuck notice from The Paris Review in the early Eighties, with a coffee ring on the first page of the returned manuscript (Extraspecial YouSuck points, that), I understand.

    What's Plan B if they say You Don't Suck?

    1. False modesty aside, any alternative to fuckyouyousuck hasn't been considered. TBH, I don't even expect a fuckyouyousuck.

  2. Somehow I missed the undoubtedly angst-ridden drama of the original submission. Best of luck. I checked my Submittable page to see if I had subbed to the same place for different purpose but remembered they were closed to prose IIRC. So many declineds.

    Yeah, and DWS has got to go!

    1. No you didn't, dumdum, you even commented on it - and it's the top link in today's post too!