Friday, January 15, 2016

Born Seventy-Five Years Ago Today

High Egoslavian Holy Day: Don Van Vliet born 75 years ago today. Click BEEFHEART for lots of songs, lots of me mumbling of my love of Beefheart. Bowie's death had me thinking of albums that paradigmatically changed how I hear music - Aladdin Sane, for instance - and Beefheart's Trout Mask Replica - for another.

Bowie's death - I hadn't been so nut-punched by a death since Beefheart's in 2010. That's two of my innermost circle for the three rotating spots on My Sillyass Deserted Island Five Game. I promise to give all living members full Egoslavian Birthday Rites - I slighted Bowie's this year two day's before his death - but cannot promise that dire posts born of ominous dreams won't curse, though I promise to look at the next day's birthdays before I kill again.

Also too, rest in peace, C.D. Wright.


C.D. Wright

the breath               the trees               the bridge

the road                  the rain                the sheen

the breath               the line                  the skin

the vineyard            the fences             the leg

the water                the breath             the shift

the hair                  the wheels             the shoulder

the breath               the lane                the streak

the lining                the hour                the reasons

the name                the distance          the breath

the scent                the dogs                the blear

the lungs                the breath             the glove

the signal               the turn                  the need

the steps                the lights               the door

the mouth               the tongue             the eyes

the burn                  the burned            the burning


  1. Captain Beefheart died while I was in the middle of drawing The Last of The Decal Liquors. Meadowlark Lemon died right after I wrote and started lettering a comic book with him as a main character. Bowie died when I was just about finished with the Bowie/Egon Schiele comic. But I drew George W. Bush for 8 years, and that fucker is still alive, jerking off in his bathroom.

  2. Though the original comment this references is *way* too old to be contemporaneous for any of us, "I slept with a girl who slept with a girl who slept with Captain Beefheart".

    (Also, the first AM radio station I ever worked in was radio KNEZ -- where I came to an abrupt end for accidentally taping Dylan singing "Everybody Must Get Stoned" into Public Service Announcements.

    (Re: GWB -- Wee Georgie ("Lil' Boots") Bush is a peevish dullard, too witless to understand he was an empty-shirt front man for his Daddy's business cronies and President Cheney. You could keep drawing him, on the offchance that the law of averages might be on the side of Humanity.)