Friday, February 26, 2016

Worrying About Nothing but the Chiseling of Hills

  • Nico, who has adopted Greyhoos, lived in Greyhoos' house before Greyhoos, was abandoned by the asshole who lived in the house before Greyhoos. Loved by Greyhoos, hated by his other cats.
  • Haven't done this is a few years - send me a photo of your loved cat, background if you want, I'll post.
  • For those who were following along, it wasn't cancer.
  • Keeping an eye on the ball in Jupiter.
  • As a child, Hillary had a cat named Isis. 2+2, yo.
  • UPDATE! via Davidly, Bill and Isis.
  • Hillary told she can't use Bikini Kill song in ads.
  • For a beloved:

  • Seriously, Hillary Clinton walking on stage to Rebel Girl, appropriately riot grrrl. Lordy, my loathing laughs.
  • This is perfect example of why I can't let this go. 
  • The decline and fall of Hillary Clinton.
  • My Hillaryite colleague won't leave me the fuck alone. Why is Hillary held to a higher standard than other candidates, he wails. Wait, I said, you don't want her to be held to a higher standard? Fuck you, he said.
  • The lost hope of self-help.
  • The Paradox of Social Democracy: The American Case, part two.
  • #458.
  • The Ballard? Just over halfway through? I quit.
  • Once upon a time I felt morally obligated to finish ANY novel I started no matter how much I didn't want to finish. Have I found moral wisdom or am I morally lazy?
  • Death to the Either/Or.
  • Fine metaphors abound.
  • 20 things to know about Infinite Jest, now half an unfinished Ballard novel closer to being reread.


Cole Swensen

No, worry about nothing
but the chiseling
of hills into distance
in the slight haze

and sleep lost over color
no two ever the same

the wringing hands
float ashore amazed.
Worry about beauty.
It can sell you anything.
Lakes collect in the
chambers of the heart
where the sailboats are made
of flying fish about
the size of match heads.

Sleep can be lost as
easily as a house key,
the shock can consume
at any moment
if the hills are not rising 
weather is wearing them down
and you are driving
north in the late afternoon
or holding your eyes
in your hands like addresses.


  1. A quick search here

    revealed plenty of gratuitous Sasha (Baron Kitten) pics. Dave & Molly—greatest bro & sis rescue cats ever! also—pics never digitalized. Feel free...

  2. Hollowtide = ATBFN (Absolutely The Best Fuckin' News) = good.

    Ballard: Yeah yeah; shoot, okay; he's boned.

  3. At what point in Infinite Jest are you supposed to start liking it? Asking for a friend.

    1. Go to page 223 or 223 and you'll get the order of the sponsored years. Makes navigation easier, though if your friend hasn't liked it so far she probably won't like it later.

    2. @ Abonilox: It's an undertaking, for sure. My first go at it I got about 120 or so pp in, realized that it wasn't what I was in the mood or frame of mind for at the time, decided to let it languish...maybe later. Six months later, I picked it up again and plowed through it in about 12 days -- deeply enthralled and knocked out by it. (The thing had me falling over laughing enough times that it made my wife curious. She read it after me, & was equally blown away.)

      So I guess it can depend on the reader; or how ambitious that reader is feeling at the time.

  4. 1)speaking of a cat named isis, such as hillary had,

    bob dylan wrote a song named isis, which jack white has performed in concert

    and now we see that jack white and kermit the frog have done a duet on "fell in love with a girl"

    2)crispin sartwell is having a dark night of the soul, groves of academe edition, and i have posted on his blog part of what i posted here, earlier, at

  5. Bikini Kill--O, yeah. Quite Tasty!

    Sleep can be lost as easily as a house key. Indeed . . . .

    Good News, scion of Bohunks