Tuesday, March 22, 2016

A Voice Asks: Would You Like a Wooden Gag or a Steel Gag?

  • So proud of HRC when yesterday in front of AIPAC she put her arms around a five year old Palestinian girl and told the girl to let Hillary worry about the girls future.
  • Apparently Bill jumped the gun with this year's Sista Souljah moment. Was supposed to wait until nomination secured.
  • Eff this fraud.
  • Israel: the Broken Silence.
  • What is our responsibility?
  • Cassandra's processional.
  • Academic freedom.
  • Academic confession.
  • To be fair to Major League Soccer, they happily accept washed-up Americans too.
  • I do not miss my United tribalism at all.
  • The store has never reopened. It's in Comus. The building is still there. For years we'd buy beer here and then go to Sugarloaf. I was in the store three days before this happened.
  • Beckett, for those of you who do.
  • Lispector, for those of you who do. I am reading one of her short stories a day, something is unlocking the Lispector block in my head.
  • SunnO))).


Daniel Borzutsky

It was a tube and clear and plastic and they shoved it into the nose of the stomach or the bowel

Or they place it directly into the skin and there was a bright light overhead

A card read: Pretend he has an eating disorder

Another card read: Pretend she has dementia

I don't like to put things in my mouth when you talk to me this way

But if you insist on shoving things in my nostrils

Then I will have to tell you what it is like in my esophagus

Because my smooth muscles contract, things can slide nicely through my intestines

The device in my body passes through the posterior mediastinum in my thorax and enters my abdomen through a hole in my diaphragm at the level of the tenth thoracic vertabra

A voice says, Would you like a wooden gag or steel gag?

Do you prefer brandy, milk, or cabbage?

I smile because I know how important body language is in front of a TV audience

There are forty-seven women strapped to chairs that recline when a button is pushed

There are fingers in rubber gloves

The squeeze open lips and sing a song about gastric obstructions and psychiatric disorders diagnosed against a lady's consent

When your bowels open, my love, when you think too much about the pharynx: this makes me feel so along

Vomit is one option          starvation is another

My love, says the authoritative body on the screen

I have a compelling interest in the weight of your frame

How many bureaucrats do we need to affirm this?

Look, love, often people don't really know what they want

They can see an end, but it's not the right end

This is a song about what it feels like when you touch me this way

This is a song about a certain type of fiscal strategy

If they say you can stick things in his body that he doesn't want in his body then you must not say we cannot stick things in his body because there are just too many people who love him

My love, says the authoritative body, you must realize that if I slice off your hand in an act of ungovernable aggression it doesn't mean I don't love you

It all depends on what you need me to say


  1. [Kayfabe is changing]

    Kayfabe is changing
    Gains value by it's breaking
    like Faberge eggs

    gain when another
    shatters Reality shows
    expose the normal

    shittiness 80s
    sitcoms portrayed as stubborn
    but fixable bugs

    not as all is fucked
    I can't watch 80s sitcoms
    Seventies sitcoms -

    The fuck with wet farts?
    asks a tweet, to or not wipe?
    is a crude segue

    in poem that needed
    kayfabe sliced open like ten
    dollar nude models

    Mary Tyler Moore
    tried to break kayfabe (which won
    with Family Ties

  2. 1)speaking of mary tyler moore - in one of r crumb's cartoons one of his characters says "love is all around...but what about the HATE? what about all the hate around mary tyler moore?!"

    2)and speaking of love and hate, and that heart-warming moment when hillary embraced that young palestinian girl at AIPAC, a series of recent tweets at


    make clear billmon's view that the "two state solution" is in practice dead

    the basic flaw with zionism was there at the beginning, in the slogan "a land without a people for a people without a land" - all the rest (up to, including and following the events of 9/11, among other things - e.g. explosions in brussels this morning) is a consequence of the falseness of the first clause

    let's do what little we can to move the current situation to being dealt with in a humane and reasonable way - bernie would be my pick for national leadership here - and it seems to me that joe biden would be a better choice than hillary - i say that based on a news summary at Some Assembly Required, where the blogger states

    VP Biden is in trouble once more for pointing out the unmentionable obvious. This time Joe said that Israel's continued annexation of Palestinian land to build housing for Israelis made it hard to believe anything Netanyahu says about working for a two-state solution. Obviously he, unlike Hillary, is not running for President.


  3. Was 'Hulk Hogan' still in kayfabe when he won all that sweet sex tape money, or can he afford now to break kayfabe? Asking for a friend.

  4. A Two State Solution: Mary Tyler Moore and Hulk Hogan, floating in a vat of saline. Two very different States O' Consciousness (or, mayhap not) and at peace, in their own ways.

    I liked the part where Hillary The Inevitable (in a photo you can see at tomclark) appears to put her hand over the face of a fan at AIPAC, as she takes a Selfie with them -- as if Hillo could not bear sharing attention with any other being, living or dead.